Help: 5k+ Died Suddenly

I just got my new RTX 3080 setup and was ready to test. I was running a 3D benchmark, and suddenly I get the popup that the HMD disconnected. I figured it was just a software issue, so rebooted, updated PiTool, etc, etc. But I realized that the power light doesn’t even come on.

I tested the power adapter with a multimeter, solid 12v.

I re-seated the cable on the HMD several times - no change.

I tried powering it via the USB-C port on the bottom (based on this post: Help, my Pimax 5K+ cannot power on via 12V, but via USB-C is semi-working) - no dice.

I created a ticket with Pimax, but not holding my breath. Any advice?

Any chance the 3080 killed the HMD? Seems like an awful coincidence.

Am I right in assuming that once the power adapter is plugged in, even without USB or DP connected that the light on top of the HMD should light up?

Yes, the red light should come on if you plug in the power. Either through the 12V cable, or directly through the bottom USB-C port. Even without being connected to the PC. Your problem might be with the headset itself. Try removing the cable completely from the headset and test with the USB-C alone in case the cable is shorting out your headset.

Thanks for your reply. I think your theory about the USB/DP cable shorting things out is correct. With the USB/DP cable plugged into the headset, when I plug a usb-c adapter into the bottom port nothing happens and my computer complains about a USB device using too much power.

If I disconnect the USB/DP cable from the headset. When I plug in a USB-C cable the power light comes on briefly, it looks like red then white then off. Should the power LED stay on when USB-C cable is connected?

Yes, the power light should stay on red. Even the front chevron lights up and stays on. Might be a headset issue then.