HELP||ACC) edge color and blurry screen

HELP||ACC) edge color and blurry screen

I used 8K+ for the first time today.
The first tested game is ACC. then got a some problem.
some space has red erosion.
this happen only right eyes left edge.
first i thought chromatic aberration but the problem only occurs with the two marked HUD.
does anyone know what is this ?


the other game looks clear, but ACC looks very blurry.
last i used VR is oculus rift S.
pitool SS1.25 SteamVR SS1 ingame 150% VGA: 2080ti
i dont know why only ACC blurry.
I don’t think it’s an IPD problem because other games are clearly visible.

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Have you tried playing with and without Parallel Projections turned on in PiTools? Some games don’t behave properly with it turned off.


Of course. Just in case, I asked other community members and they said so too.
The first picture was not taken by me.

Try to set FFR to Close, switch Parallel Projection from off to on. It should be good then.

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