Help Me Understand with next Gen Pimax HMDs

Wish I was at CES to try, but I’m stuck dreaming of a better VR experience. I own a 5K and its my go to HMD. It has its quirks but thats expected given the R&D $$ behind it or lack there of.

But can someone help me understand how we are going to run any of these HMD’s like the 8KX at native resolution? Even my 5K+ on a 2080TI im not able to play anything on high to max settings. Most games (primarily driving sims) are in the medium range for graphics aside from Iracing where I can max everything.

I start seeing the new marketing glossy comparing all the HMDs, and everything looks good on paper but if my 5K + has an ok performance/visual mix on 2080TI. Wouldnt that mean the new HMDs would perform worse but may look somewhat better. Is the answer Brain Warp? VRSS? Eye tracking?

Brain Warp, ive tried it. Not a huge fan, for fast moving driving sims (or really anything) it leaves quite a bit to desired I feel like if I move my head too fast it would break the immersion. I normally play on 120hz so it feels like a step down in terms of immersion.

VRSS, just started playing around with it and the work around. Trying it on Dirt 2.0 which i normally get 60-70 fps on a mix of settings of more less medium and max MSAA. Right off the bat if I switch VRSS to Always on i lose about 20 FPS. My next step will be to lower the SS from 100% that I have as a default in steam VR until I see a good balance of performance vs visual fidelity…so for now the jury is still out

Eye Tracking/FFR, to me this sounds like it has to be the solution. I was pretty hyped when I saw a price and a date 6 months ago. But I wont get into that kinda discussion right now.

So what do you guys think? Am i missing something here are we just getting hyped for stuff we cant really run adequately right now ? Or do I have to start setting my Hz expectations lower for games as the tech/scene hasn’t optimized enough yet?


You have some good points. But on the other hand it is good to have A headset that other hardware needs to grow for.

Much like Doom3 was for a very long time a great Benchmark for years after it’s release challenging gpus long after it’s release.

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From what I understand is that you may not need much SS because of the hi res panels in the 8KX, I think it was Sweviver that said the 8KX with Pitool at 1.0 and SteamVR at 100% had a much much clearer image than the image produced by supersampling the crap out of the 5K+ or 8K.

Now when better GPUs are introduced the image can even get better. I guess Ill believe it when I see it but Im hoping thats the case here


Agreed as Pimax being the affordable VR benchmark. or really just the VR benchmark. XTAL for example should never really be in the discussion as they pride themselves as being professional vs Mass VR.

Seems they are reaching to the sky in that regard, the 5K Super 160-180hz. Like where do you see that kind of performance of 160-180hz ? Looking at a solid color screen saver? :smile: Joking aside these are some astronomical specs and features compared to what systems/software are capable.

Im happy to seem the progression but I think we may have to wait another Vid Card gen or 2 to actually take advantage of them

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I run the same settings on my 5k, so if I have less than optimal frames (less than 90). What does that mean for a higher rez hmd, less frames but better picture? I guess that’s evolution?


Yea I see what you are saying, what gpu are you running?, I have a 1080ti and I never got much past 60fps with mid graphics and low SS with the 5K+, but then again it really depended on the game as to what kind of fps I was going to render…


I have a 2080ti and can see more less what this gen of GPUs can achieve outside of a crazy OC. So thats what really concerns me on the strategy.

Sorry gonna go on a rant here, im seeing all this positive hype but im failing to see how this all comes together for the end goal.

If you look at monitors there are 2 tiers, ultra high rez and great color vs lower rez but higher refresh.

Both have specific purposes, if you buy a 4K w/ good color but low Hz you probably aren’t a gamer or shouldn’t be a gamer on that as its suited for productivity. Where as the lower rez lets say 1440p similar to the 5K with a high refresh rate would be suited for a gamer. Notably VR is different and still early days but the argument could be made.

When I look at the business model now it seems there is quite a big focus on producing what should be excellent visuals to a market/industry that cannot support it yet. Vs lets call it the Esports segment which most of the market resides in that would take an optimized 5K (bundle and software).

I know we haven’t seen any true reviews yet of real world testing but for me as a person who wants an optimal experience I feel that the visual fidelity the 8K series will bring may disappoint in the whole experience from an FPS and play-ability standpoint. Thats really my concern for the future, like we could just become the VR Delorean. Big dreams and ahead of its time without the financial backings. Remember how cool those looked, well they looked faster then they actually drove. Overall performance, quality and some legal issues sunk John Deloreans dream. Two companies are pretty similar in that respect but Pimax still is in early days but with a similar trajectory.

I guess my point, driving the next gen is great, but id rather them optimize the now to pave the way with for the next gen. Getting Manufacturing up to spec of a Valve like production and QA (remember they are a software coompany), Optimizing the software, building the open source community and rectifying support (although i feel they have made some strides here).

If you look Valve headsets have sold out, there is a great opportunity to serve that very same market with products that have to some extent been proven outside the known quirks. There is a reason the likes of Vive, Valve and Oculus at even their size focus on easier to attain goals in optimizing one headset instead of creating a flashier and better HMD so people forget the issues of the last gen.

Lots of good points, Im waiting as well for real world tests with many games and then fps benchmarks as well. Im afraid its gonna hog every bit of a 2080ti and then want more for lunch. Thats why they had that beast of a PC at CES to run the 8KX, im sure they didnt want stuttering fps rates scaring everyone off, !

I really wish Pimax would just focus on 1 or 2 “new” headsets, then concentrate on getting the software at optimum, outsourcing it to a professional or something. Pimax should have taken the focus off new and improved products and aim that towards better customer service as well.

Remember all the BS we had to endure getting Pitool to work with the 5K+ and 8K, WTF, that should have been so much farther along before releasing it to Joe public , remember the controllers showing up off screen, and another laundry list of crap wrong with the headset itself. I dont mean to bash Pimax but we as backers did endure all that.

Yea the Delorean didnt have a chance, many many warranty repairs, low HP etc etc, lol.

But you know to have the best lenses, software, image, etc etc I guess we have to pay big time XTAL bucks and we still really dont have any real world tests there, just the CES premier…

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Sure, it will be about compromises. E.g. you can play smaller (but still bigger than anything else) FOV until better GPU arrives or upscale. Older titles might run well too. But the biggest improvement for now will be probably in non-gaming applications, like video/3D pictures, some (optimized) experiences/demos, VR desktop etc. Just for games upscaled 8k+ would be probably enough for now (but 8kX can do that too).

The price is necessity to change/tweak settings depending on application but it is the only way to experience this today (or rather in few months when 8kX starts delivering).

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