Help Please, I cant seem to get either of my Pimax headsets to work with a 2nd set of portable base stations

Hello Everyone,

I have a few Pimax headsets and I need some help getting these headsets to work with a different set of light boxes /base stations. Currently both of these units work with my my light boxes that are installed at my Home but when I try to demo the headsets at an event I cant seem to get them to work/track with my second set of light boxes?

Is there some specific procedure that I need to follow in order to pair my headsets with a second set of light boxes? Can someone please help me to get this sorted out? I have an event where I am tying to show a group of Full size pilots some of the benefits of possibly using FS2020 for getting familiar different areas/airports before they actually go on longer cross country flights.

Thank you for your time!

PS. From what I understand I can have the Pimax headset work with just one light box if the box is set to channel B? Can someone please confirm this and possibly the process for setting this up?

I used 1 V2 base set to channel 1 iirc without issue. My daily use is 2 V1 base stations set 12 ft apart at 7 ft high in diagonal corners. They are set to B and C but 1 at 12 o’clock high set to B should work for front facing games.
In case you didn’t know you cannot mix V1 and V2 bases.

Curious, do the bases you are trying to use on the road work in your home?

I would think you would need to pair with someone else’s bases both in Pitool then SVR.

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Hello Dogbite,

I have two sets of V1 base stations. One set I would like to keep mounted on my ceiling at home and the other set I would like to use mounted on portable stands when I demo flight simulations to groups of people away from my home. It seems that one you setup your Pimax headset to work with one set of light boxes it is extremely difficult to get them to work with a different/second set which I do not understand?

I can only offer that I originally paired 2 V1 bases. Later I paired the single v2. After that either worked. That V1 and v2 don’t work together suggests they also don’t interfere with each other’s pairing.
IIRC you can only use 2 V1 bases total at one time so perhaps you can’t pair a different 2 V1 to the same computer or headset simultaneously.

Thanks for the reply, Can you describe in detail the paring process for the Pimax headsets? Did you also need to use the RF control unit that was shipped with the Vive in order to pair the Pimax Headset? Just really frustrated that Pimax does not offer step by step guide to do this, I admit that I may be not aware of documentation but I have been searching for a while now. As I mentioned the first time I hooked up the Pimax I was able to get it setup without any problems but now it seems that the 8K will only work with my original base stations. I have confirmed that the 2nd set of base stations are working with my older Vive headset.

Wonder if there is any way to have SweViver to get eyes on this post?