Help with fs 2020 help guide please!

Hi everybody. After the climax live event I went looking for the flights in 2020 help guide her on open MR. I found it and it looks very useful, but I have one problem. I can’t find the Settings page on steam that the guide uses. When I use the tab on my VR interface screen, or right click it, the settings page I can go to doesn’t list applications or give me access to super scaling or anything like that. I’ve been trying like crazy to find the Settings page that the guide references, but I haven’t beenable to find it. Anyone able to help?

Could you rephrase the question again? it is very hard to understand it.
Are you talking about MSFS2020? Pimax event? etc.

@angeli662 sorry for the lack of clarity. I am rather unwell and I’m having trouble even thinking. The topic is the pimax help guide for FS 2020.
They recommend changing steam parameters on a steam settings page within steam that I cannot find. I replied to the help file thread as well. @PimaxUSA, could you help on this question? The only settings page I can find in steam looks very different than the one displayed in the help guide. For Instance, i do not see a category for ‘applications’ as is shown on the example page.
I am using the steam openvr beta version.
Thanks guys,