Hi SweViver, bob_ontario had a cool idea for PE for consideration

Hi SweViver, first and foremost. Thank You to Armin and yourself for this wonderful tool. I know it will be one of the best available.

very much looking forward to your streams. Feel like I’m in the blood chummed ocean, with shark fins surrounding me right now. I know I’ll get there.

In my thread re I don’t have a clue what I’m doing in PE, many have chimed in to help. One person was bob_ontario. He had mentioned about a page by page theme…sorta of like a wizard thingy.

Page one, would be to setup the most important thing…IPD. Then choose game/sim…then finally page to setup parameters…then launch program. I thought it was a pretty cool idea.

Of course, for the experts and non newbies…you would certainly have a way to bypass the wizard.

Thank You again for yourself and Armins’s hard work.


Thanks man. Yes this is a great indeed and something we will add. Kind of a wizard. It will require some time to make it work properly.

On the other hand, what this wizard does is (in my opinion) making the whole thing “manual”. Which means for each time you want to start a game, you will need to go through these steps before you get it running, am I right here?

As PE is today, the main point of having profiles for each game, which you can edit/customize and launch the settings at any time automatically when the game starts. You can have multiple profile per game (just create new ones or use profiles from other games), and once you have created your optimal profile, this makes it basically a 1-click experience. Start PE, start the game. Nothing else needs to be done.

One thing to remember though, is that no matter how much you customize/change PE or no matter how cool wizard we create, a VR hmd will never be plug and play out of the box. This is not an IPhone.

Not even the Oculus Quest is plug and play when it comes to optimized settings, despite the fact it only contains a library of a few hundred games all optimized for the device. Yes it can run games with 1 click with default values, but once you want to adjust anything ,you need to fiddle around.

Using a Windows based PC, which can have 1000 variations of GPU/CPU/etc, its basically impossible to get it really optimized for all scenarios and for every single person. Or maybe it is, but would require a huge team of people working on this.

Same for IPD guide. Once we add it, the guide will be a great “wizard” to (kind of) help you finding the correct IPD+offset etc. But it will never be a one-click solution, and it will either way require you, as a user, to determinate if the IPD is your correct value. So its basically a manual process of calibrating your headset for your eyes, which some charts and images can help you with.

As a Pimax user - or actually a VR user overall - there is and always will be a level of knowledge required. Its basicaly the same for PC monitor gaming. Its not an XBOX console. It requires some fiddeling before you hopefully get satisfied. This may or may not be the reason why millions people just buy an XBOX and stay away from PCs.

I hope you get my point.

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