Hinge = delays, again?

So even after all of the extra QA that caused delays a while back we now have an issue with the hinges making the headset pretty much unusable unless you have an alternative strap. I get the feeling this will lead to yet more delays unless Pimax are going to absorb the additional costs of sending out corrected hinges to everyone?

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The new hinges will be better but I’m still usable.

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I’m using mine but of of course would be more comfortable.with.new.hinges

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Boggles the mind how the new hinges got a different design and nobody noticed. At CES the problem with the plastic hinges became apparent and we all needed to be happy for this delay because the metal hinges would save us from maybe break a hinge sometime. So we got metal hinges! Which don’t hinge right. You can’t make this up.


Most of it you can’t just make up! Guiness book of world record maker and keeper! No one better try to beat them😉


At least they hold up to a lot of things, just on the slow boat. :crossed_fingers:

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The MAS which was supposed make the 8KX super comfortable and fix all the comfort issues now plainly makes the 8KX uncomfortable, and users just ‘tolerate’ it.

All because of this hinge change which apparently NO ONE at Pimax decided to try if it has any issues after they put it in (?) Just put it in and send it out.

And all the people who don’t visit this forum (there’s supposed to be a LOT of them according to PimaxUSA) that find the MAS with metal hinges uncomfortable … they will all tell their friends / people online that the 8KX is uncomfortable.


The reason they don’t visit this forum may be because they don’t know it exists. After purchase, I posted questions on the misleadingly-named support.pimax.com and received no answers, other than from other frustrated customers. Then I raised a ticket and in the response from Pimax I was told about this forum - the existence of which had not been apparent from the Pimax site.

When I tried to post a link to this site in my thread on support.pimax.com the post did not appear.

A couple of months later Emily Wang did post a generic “things will improve” response on my thread (but without mentioning this forum).


Another ‘why t f do they do this?’ from Pimax.
It is hard to understand their logic really.

They try to hide these forums just so that all their frustrated customers don’t come and post negative threads I guess?

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For me and all my guests 8KX is very comfortable with its current hinges.
May be you are simply used to some other position?
I do remember GearVR was sitting and feeling differently, but still 8KX is very ok.

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Ah I remember you now on reddit, a month ago you told me that you going to get soon 8kX & it was your upgrade since 2016 from gearVR, haha, I want to read your review. Maybe I already did but not in this context.

** starting to search any reviews of yours if existing

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I understand why though. Sure, there’s lots of help to be found here. But it may also be poisonous.

Remember what Kevin (roughly) said a while back: there’s about 80 people active here. These 80 are just a few unhappy and bitter backers, while everyone else are as happy as clams at high tide (so what we say on the forums is not reflective of how flawlessly, awesomly great Pimax has been doing all along)

Eventhough the forums were redesigned to hide all the old KS-whine, sending customers over here is probably deemed quite risky.

But I do think the overall atmosphere is much happier around here these days. Maybe another redesign after the current shipping debacle is over with… just to clean out the last of the KS related stuff.


But then they will announce an 8KX+ in Pimax Forever event and they will accept preorders with it shipping ‘in a month’.

BTW Pimax Now event name was hilarious … should have named it “Pimax 3 Months From Now” event.

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Do you have “old style” plastic hinges or “new style” metal ones? Apparently this is making big difference.

In which case all they would need to do is actually ANSWER questions on support.pimax.com. You know, treat it as if it were a forum for providing support.

If I had not found this forum I would have concluded that Pimax was an elaborate scam and reversed the charge.

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Yeah, that’s how some experiences are. They should take the risk and send people over here anyway. There really is alot of help to be found.

As far as I can tell, I have new style metal hinges, so the back stays higher and this position is completely comfortable for me.


that may work for you but you can clearly see the audio is way to far away from your ears and also the back of your head seems flat anyone without that head shape will suffer. It’s clearly wrong and will need to be rectified, this will hinder resale for me for sure :rage: