Hitman VR , motion controls?

So when the news of Hitman VR first dropped many were saying it didnt have move controller support.

But then I watched thos video and it spunds obvious that it does

What are the odds that we will eventually be running thos on our pimaxes any time soon?

Timed exclusive?


Oh, maybe they’ve added/announced motion controller support at the last minute? I say that because was watching vr & coffee at the weekend and they were saying how surprised and disappointed they were it didn’t support them. Uploadvr seem to be saying the same " The upcoming VR support for IO Interactive’s Hitman 3 looks to be exclusive to PSVR for now, and won’t use the headset’s Move motion controllers"


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Apparently you use the PS4 Dual Shock to swing, etc. Not the Moves, so it’s one handed actions. My only hope is that they actually are implementing PSVR 2 motion controls, something not revealed yet, so they can’t talk about them. With that they probably have extra functionality, something that can’t be done on Move controllers, so they are giving PSVR 1 users some sort of motion control movement while waiting to reveal PSVR 2? Totally a guess here, but bigger companies making VR games always let us down with something shoddy with their design/performance, so my guess probably won’t come true.

PSVR exclusives are a cancer to VR. In fact PSVR itself is a cancer.

thats odd because in the video posted above they talk about you actually holding the gun and pointing as well as other gestures.

epic exclusive for a few months it’s way more likely that the pc version would get vr support rather than a vaporware psvr 2 headset that nobody at sony has even confirmed exists