Homemade DAS Counterweight

I got creative this morning, I stuffed a can of chili into a sock and gorilla super glued the sock to itself, it keeps the pressure off my cheekbones and for me it helps stabilize the sweet spot using the DAS, It’s very comfortable resting on the curve of my neck while still allowing for full head movement. :joy::rofl::+1: just wanted to share!


Ya never know, If ever youre lost in VR on a deserted island that can of chili might come in handy.


what an astute observation, and it’s an easy open can to boot!, I’ve yet to see a can opener in any of my games… this will come in handy. :+1:

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I certainly hope pimax are themselves astute enough to see that even with the vive DAS many still feel the need to install a heavy counter weight, and that they somehow incorporate this type of solution to their own upcoming DAS because the hammerhead design is more front-heavy than any other HMD to date.

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Yes, as a new Pimax owner I must attest to this fact, it is quite front-heavy, there should most certainly be a rear counterweight added to the Pimax DAS. ( but let’s be honest, this probably won’t happen ) so cans of chili and socks will come to my rescue. lol

sure beats boots n beans…

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I use this for mine:

make sure you get one with the weight blocks or you can fill in your own weight there.

Attached with zip ties, straps or adhesive velcro to the DAS.

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neat, if you want to spend the extra money and wait around for shipping… I’ve already spent enough on the 5k+ / DAS / 3D clips / velour padding, personally I’m happy using a chili can in a sock to deal with this counter balance issue immediately for a few pennies more, also, those don’t ship to Canada, interesting tactical counterweight though!

I just used some flat brackets taped together with duct tape and mounted to the back of the DAS with two strips of velcro.

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its actually lighter than vive and quest, and the almost as light as the OG rift.

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personally for me it has nothing to do with overall weight, I’m fine with how heavy or light the Pimax is, it’s the weight distribution that I’m having an issue with, constantly having to readjust and take the pressure off my cheekbones kind of breaks the immersion during gameplay, hence needing the counterweight, and of course when you add a DAS and a counterweight to the Pimax it becomes heavier, but it instantly becomes noticeably more comfortable and there’s way less readjusting needed during gameplay to keep the sweet spot in place.

i do the same with my quest, by attaching a 20000mah battery to the back

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This is my revised counterweight version 2.0, I found that the sock moved around a bit too much and caused the headset to wiggle more than desired, so I am using a velcro carpal tunnel wrist strap tightly wrapped around a smaller can of soup directly onto the back of the DAS, the can of chili was a bit too heavy, :rofl: it all looks bloody ridiculous but this is an absolute perfect balance, completely stable and keeps the counterweight off of my neck.

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how many grams is that can?

roughly 300g / 10oz.