Honest Opinion: handtracking module, worth getting?

Im really torn getting the handtracking or not because I am unsure about general support in games. I am only playing seated games (Space, 6DoF and some racing), so even havent invested in controllers. So the 150,- vs 300,- question is if handtracking or Valve Index controllers would be the better investment.

Any input highly appreciated.

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Difficult to say.

This link may help… Sdraw is an improved driver.

@NextGenVR was looking on doing a review on the HT module.

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I haven’t played with the Sdraw driver in a few months but my general impression was: No, it’s not worth it, atm. It’s fun to play with but the accuracy is too flaky to be useful. On top of that, there is no real game support for hand tracking, yet. Unfortunately, it’s looking like it’s yet another useful function in VR that will be ignored for years, so don’t hold your breath. Like a wide fov, few to none of the manufacturers or devs seem to think that it’s worth putting any effort into it’s development. Bummer, but it is what it is.

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There are a few games in that guide. But yes not many. WFoV on the other hand is getting more native adoption.

Hand tracking suffers more from lack of wide adoption on hmds. Though it is starting to get a bit of push with hmd manufacturers.

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Thanks, just what I actually thought. I’ll be skipping it then for now.

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I have the original Leap Motion. It never got the adoption to justify the $80 and has sat on my shelf as a reminder that early adoption has it’s risks.
Seems to me that current accuracy isn’t precise enough that a sim like DCS for example would be fully accessible. While toggle switches and larger control knobs might be fine, there are many that are so small that they might need to be bigger and that wouldn’t look real life.
As far as some controls goes, I’d just as soon Voice Attack. Heck, even my Honda Accord EXL has integrated voice controls.


Custom peripherals like HT and vr Gloves are going to have potential issues for adoption as they need special care to program direct for or need ways to emulate controllers.

Long ago a user @jonnypanic posted an idea using a combo of a 1 hand controller for button presses and joystick. Using the leap to track motion while using the controller for direct control parity. Emulating vive wands

I tried the hand tracking module- I thought it would be useful in flight sims as an addition to my HOTAS controllers. Unfortunately it’s an either/or situation. And the hand tracker is useless for sims. Might be alright for Beat Saver and other games like that, but it’s basically useless for me. Avoid it until the tech matures- if it ever does.


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