Housing Issue Reports (cracks, imperfections etc.)

My 8k, one of the early ones, has 3 chipped corners.

They showed up 2 to 4 weeks after receiving the headset. one of them later became larger.

It also came with a hair stuck inside, looks like it’s on the panel.

Since it’s a loaner while waiting for the 8KX and it isn’t really affecting the visuals much and the helpdesk has been such a busy mess I’ve not bothered to RMA it.

It’ll be interesting to see what they say when they get it back.


Same here, but two cracks. Have electrical tape on 4 of the corners now and that seems to have stabilized it for many months.


Pimax should bundle a roll of reinforcing tape with the headset.


Haha, good idea!

Shame on Pimax!

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Well, welcome to the club, my 5K+ is around 6 weeks old and is developing cracks on the front. It was NOT hit, didn’t fall, nothing, I have no kidz @ home anymore and nobody used it apart from me.
The cracks just suddenly appeared :frowning:


and yet we still have crack reports on recent HMDs…

Pimax has not been able to fix plastic housing cracks 1 year after entering in production, despite the issue arrived at the very beginning of the production. What a joke…

What’s next, controller cracks ?

Pimax is really not a reliable company. It is more important to them to make news products than fixing existing ones…

They will never be considered a serious VR company if they continue like that.


I predicted that that will be the case once I saw the renders. They look flimsy and if they are adamant on using the same type of plastics as the HMD, crackings on the controllers will be inevitable since they are meant to take way more beating against each other and against hard surfaces.

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Yes Oculus has had recent controllee cracks.

But yes I do think they need to put more emphasis on the crack issue. There are some whom have no crack issues from the beginning.

But frequency suggests a bigger issue than is projected.

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The controllers look to have same flimsy design similar to Valve’s.

Plasticwise not likely to use same plastic as front housing. Grip button will likely be a boon.

Index is already having inconsistent quality in Analog sticks.

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Pimax should fix their own issues instead of pointing at competitors’ ones.
We have backed (or bought) a Pimax, not a riftS/quest, not an index, not a reverb.

On top of that all those issues endlessly pointed from other hmds are recent.
You will be able to able to be negative about those competitors if their issues haven’t been fixed after 1 year.

For now it is Pimax issues that are not fixed after 1 year. And they don’t even offer a full package yet. The competitors you use as an excuse have issues over full packages, Pimax has already several issues with just a hmd.

No other HMD accumulates that many issues on a single product, so they should better keep low profile and work to close the gap instead of pointing at competitors because for now pimax is really not in the best position to give lessons…

With my rift I have had 1 issue, and that was over a full package with 3 sensors and 2 controllers (all bought at product release). With my Pimax I have at least 5 issues (cable, cracks, stuck pixel, horizontal lines, poor tracking initialization despite 2 lighthouses), and that’s just for the hardware side (and I don’t count things that are just poor quality/design like woobly/unresponsive IPD knob, bad face foam, poor strap).


Ah I see your confused. I am not a pimax employee. Just pointing out a simple fact that Mass production has issues.

There is a reason say with PCs parts like cpus & gpus it’s often refered to as a silicon lottery.

I am leery about Samsung products due to issues I have had with them (mobile phones) & seeing TVs being demoed in Stores with issues. But do know there one of the top brands.

Pimax won’t officially have been actually out a year until the first Pre Orders were shipped. So were looking at I believe late January 2020 to February. So 7 months & yes the housing issue should have been resolved by now imho.

Tracking I would reccommend comparing with others. From notes it seems place LHes a bit farther appart, higher (if possible) with a more angle down.

I must be lucky. I just ran into the open window (forgot that it was open), smashing the headset right onto the handle. No signs of cracks or whatever.


Luckily you did not fell out tangled by a Pimax. Imagine that: “guy killed by a Pimax VR Headset” in the “Bild Zeitung”… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I wonder why all those Oculus shills paid by the Facebook propaganda “Ministry of Truth” have never brought up this “fundamental Pimax issue” yet!


I once expressed my dissatisfaction with Oculus’ software on FB, man it was worst s***storm I ever experienced online.


It’s amazing how hardware choices become a “religion”. Or maybe it’s trolls doing it, just to aggravate others.


Fanboysm and relative anonimity of online interaction does that. I don’t think people would be so eager to insult each other in person. But I think it is always best to just “vote with your feet”, meaning leave for a better option. Exactly what I did :slight_smile:


It’s typical viral marketing paid by Facebook. It’s no secret anymore!

Never asked yourself why the attacks almost always come from Oculus?

yeah but we had this hardware/brand related stuff also in “the early days” like commodore/atari (c64/atari 800) but because you had that face to face it was more of an argument with some facts thrown in


Actually, I never noticed. I tend to skim posts like that.

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