How am i supposed to pay taxes?

How am i supposed to pay taxes?

So, i have contacted pimax support asking them to send my basestations WITH my 8kx when available, all i’ve got offered was a separate package with a note that taxes may apply and i need to be nice and pay them.

Can you explain to me how am i supposed to pay taxes without a proper proof of purchase for each single package?

I have backed a 8kx full package, and now it turns out the package must be split in to 3 packages (lighthouses/headset/controllers) because of pimax being not able to deliver any of it after 2 years, and now i have to worry about taxes, trying to explain all that sh1t to the border control???

HOW THE HELL SHOULD THAT WORK? If you buy a bysicle and receive only 1 wheel, how the heck do i pay taxes for that???


before de package is delivered.
you will receive a mail from delivery compagny that indicated the taxe price.
that work like that.

for details on your 3 package, i don’t know.

This is not how it worked for me last time with delivery from usa to germany.

generaly if the seller don’t make custom declaration it work like i said.
but if the seller make it.(paid at the purchase) generaly there no other custom fee to paid.

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Hi industria,

We will prepare the invoice for customs declaration, whenever you receive the parcel, you need to pay the taxes to the Customs if any Customs Taxes applied on this package.

If you failed to make the payment, the parcel will return to the shipper (Pimax).

For more information regarding the taxes, you can get from our support.


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