How can I buy a replacement lighthouse?

Hi all,

I have had one of my wall-mounted 1.0 lighthouses start to error, it cycles to blue light then back to normal, and I need to replace it. The problem is everywhere is sold out, and the scalpers seem to be asking for more than double the money.

I see the Pimas site says they are in stock, but, there doesn’t seem to be any way to buy one other than with a headset.


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i dont know if thats expensive or not or if its in the same country as u. if not, they might ship overseas, i’m not sure. i bought a BS 1.0 from there (i’m in the uk) and it was fine.

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My apologies, completely neglected to add my location. I’m in Brisbane, Australia. That said I’m originally from the UK and Scan was a regular goto for me in the past (used to love their deal of the day).

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll do the maths and check delivery costs.


Do you use more than one lighthouse? If so you will need a pair as new lighthouses are v2.0 and not compatible with v1.0.


He has 1.0 and the ad is for a Vive 1.0 so should be good.

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Pimax is advertising LH v1.0? Or is that the uk link?

Yes I was reffing the UK link

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