How come non-ingame rez is terrible?

Been using 8kx sparely for a few weeks now without seeing this. I’m going to say it has cropped up for the first time today.

Turned on PC, lighthouses, and Pimax gear and everything came up nicely. (Sweet, sometimes I have to fiddle to get it all working.) But, I immediately notice the circular white grid on black background is very low resolution, incredibly aliased. I press on and see the load screens and progress bar for the game (rFactor2) look to be very low rez too. Same for fpsVR window. But… when the game itself comes in it seems to be at proper resolution.

What would cause this? Only thing I messed with at end of last session (week or so ago) was the steamVr text document, checking that the setting for optimum performance are ok. They are set to:

“GpuSpeed”: {
“gpuSpeed0”: 2000,
“gpuSpeed1”: 2000,
“gpuSpeed2”: 2000,
“gpuSpeed3”: 2000,
“gpuSpeed4”: 2000,
“gpuSpeed5”: 2000,
“gpuSpeed6”: 2000,
“gpuSpeed7”: 2000,
“gpuSpeed8”: 2000,
“gpuSpeed9”: 2000,
“gpuSpeedCount”: 10,
“gpuSpeedDriver”: “”,
“gpuSpeedHorsepower”: 2000,
“gpuSpeedRenderTargetScale”: 1.5,
“gpuSpeedVendor”: “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti”,
“gpuSpeedVersion”: 2
After a couple of runs this changes to:

“GpuSpeed” : {
“gpuSpeed0” : 2000,
“gpuSpeed1” : 2000,
“gpuSpeed2” : 2000,
“gpuSpeed3” : 2000,
“gpuSpeed4” : 2000,
“gpuSpeed5” : 2000,
“gpuSpeed6” : 2000,
“gpuSpeed7” : 2000,
“gpuSpeed8” : 994,
“gpuSpeed9” : 1201,
“gpuSpeedCount” : 10,
“gpuSpeedDriver” : “”,
“gpuSpeedHorsepower” : 2000,
“gpuSpeedRenderTargetScale” : 0.059999998658895493,
“gpuSpeedVendor” : “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti”,
“gpuSpeedVersion” : 2

I also have these setting:

“steamvr”: {
“allowAsyncCompositor”: false,
“allowAsyncReprojection”: false,
“allowInterleavedReprojection”: false,
“allowSupersampleFiltering”: false,
“background”: “#FF000000”,
“basestationPowerManagement”: 1,
“directModeEdidPid”: 43521,
“directModeEdidVid”: 53794,
“enableHomeApp”: false,
“forceReprojection”: true,
“installID”: “9941429502454816702”,
“lastVersionNotice”: “1.14.16”,
“lastVersionNoticeDate”: “1600467912”,
“maxRecommendedResolution”: 16384,
“mirrorViewGeometry”: “-1481 134 638 438”,
“showAdvancedSettings”: true,
“showMirrorView”: false,
“startMonitorFromAppLaunch”: false,
“supersampleManualOverride”: true,
“supersampleScale”: 1

It never happened before tonight. What might I have screwed up?

P.S. I alt-tab closed PE each time it auto started. Never viewed or messed with it. (This session anyway.)

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PE can fix most of the settings for you in 1 click assuming SteamVR updates don’t break the changes. Hopefully we can release updates rapidly when they alter the values in the configuration files.

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It is a bug in the recent SteamVR update…they have fixed it in the SteamVr beta branch so just opt in to that


Thanks guys, will try those things.


Yes @acegamer has the correct info. @Yata_PL found with latest non beta Steamvr he had to change gpu speed to I think 5000. However others reported opting into the Steamvr beta corrected this issue.


That said… PimaxUSA, what is the one button to be clicked?


PE has a one click to optimize Steamvr settings file with the Max res adjustments. However it is based on prior to the steamvr update. From what I can see your file posted generally looks good. If steam was still acting the same prior to recent stable release PE would fix this via the “1 click button”.

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OK, I’m always slow but somehow get there eventually. Found where to click in PE to maximize the Stream setting. Not “Settings/Advanced” where I intuitively looked… But in the separate higher level “Advanced” screen. But it didn’t work for the reasons you guys are pointing out.

Now to locate this “SteamVr beta branch” so I can opt in. God this stuff just deflates me every time I think about taking a quick jaunt into VR. By the time I get everything working I’m burned out.

But for sure… thank you very much guys, you saved me a TON of added frustration!


Valve has a tendency at times to cause frustrations with some of there updates.


Can you guys be so kind as to show me how/where to opt in to the SteamVR beta? I find the Steam website to be participatory frustrating to navigate/search.

Edit… Never mind. Found where to opt-in / opt-out. Chose to not op-out. The Choose-a-custom-beta box, using a special code is not necessary. It’s just a decoy. Just exiting and restarting SteamVR sets the version to 1.15.11 which seems to have fixed the prob. Don’t know how it chose that one (last one I used?) but don’t care and don’t want to care. Just want to play. Which I will tomorrow.

Many thanks again to acegamer and Helio. Thank god for a great community!


hey ricknau
Thank you for the feedback
If you need any technical support, please technicist service and submit a ticket they will do that for you.
hey will provide you with professional answers
And then please give me the ticket number,I will push forward it for you


I swear @PimaxUSA is drunk half the time he posts

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The following links show the solutions I have in place

I hope this is helpful.


Nah it is just a case he likely was unaware of the Steam update causing a new problem. Likely just presumed steamvr settings file reset and required to simply be reoptimized.

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