How do Pitools and the Pimax Experience work together

I’m a bit on the slow side I’m afraid; I don’t understand how pitools and the PE interact and work together. Why do we need Pitools?
I get confused because sometimes I’m able to configure the PE with steam and get 74fps on DCS, and other times I struggle to get 40FPS.
What should I be doing in Pitools and in the PE to optimize performance, and will we ever be able to just use the PE? That would go a long way toward making the Pimax HMD family user friendly enough to compete with the G2 and others. @SweViver… can you explain this is language a dummy like me can understand? I think we need some sort of manual for this. If there already is one… sorry!

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Pimax Experience uses an API (an interface) to connect to PiTool.

PiTool is still needed but You can set everything in Pimax Experience.

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Thanks… I’m going pretty much leave pitools alone then and see how it goes. The PE is much more capable and easier to use.


I totally agree… :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

I only use PiTool for checking initial tracking status and for start/stopping PE.

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