How is 'Eye Tracking/DFR'?

Mine hasn’t arrived yet but I heard others have it so how is it?

well apart from the fact that the usb ports on the headsets only allow sampling up to 30 hertz because the older headsets are usb 2 and the X doesn’t implement usb 3 correct so you probably have to run an extra cable to your computer. but that is ok according to pimaxUSA you’d need to do that anyway because modularity of the headset isn’t dependant on there actually being usb ports available.

apart from that. and that the calibration doesn’t work will with the thin face foam

apart from that it might work ok. i don’t have an rtx card yet. so i don’t know, i just need to vent.


Hello , Eye tracking works from a usb C 3.1 port on the computer?

It works ok but it would be much better if the DFR was somehow less distracting with softer edges perhaps or if we could adjust the speed with which it jumps around following your gaze , The fixed foveated rendering is like looking through round glasses and the DFR jumps about too much , Maybe i need to get used to it
Still early days for this stuff though ,


It should work better at least. 120hz sampling rate over 30hz

Awesome ! I have an atypical configuration, a mac under bootcamp windows with an eGpu. I am reassured that should not be a problem for eye tracking on 8KX

So if I have an 8KX it should not require the extra cable to run at 120 Hz because the 8KX features an USB 3 port ?

Asking for a friend (whose Eye Tracking module is in a sealed box near his desk, unopened for two weeks because he figured that it just isn’t worth it yet to try to make it work if it is all work-arounds and issues, and hardly anybody reporting that it actually works for him to get performance improvements due to well-implemented DFR… :laughing:)


Could someone please expand the term “DFR”? Thanks.

Dynamic Foveated Rendering.

Fixed Foviated Rendering makes the edges of the images render in lower res, while the centre is high res.

Dynamic Foveated Rendering does the same but uses eye tracking to put the high res part where you’re looking.


Dynamic Foveated Rendering. Restricted to RTX cards for now.

Basically it renders the part of the picture you’re not looking at at a lower resolution. Correct implemented it should theoretically not be visible but currently it looks like it is not working perfectly.


Ideally, but there seems to be issues with the usb port on the 8kx where some people at least do not get the full refresh rate. possibly because the headset is already congesting it. and possibly because it is an usb 2 port if you turn the cable one way and an 3 port when it’s the other way :crazy_face:… I think they’re working on a fix for some of it…


So has anyone had as good an experience as SweViver claimed to have in Pimax Now event video?

Otherwise it sounds like you shouldn’t believe what they claim anymore.

See Pimax Now video at timestamp 27:49

There is no lag, I can testify here that there is no lag at all, I cannot see any latency issues at all

Then at 38:18

[Regarding shimmering at the sides that you can see in fixed foveated rendering] I can tell you that you don’t see that really with dynamic foveated rendering because it moves with your eyes so that little resolution decrease is hardly ever noticable, at least in my opinion

And well, it seems so hard and finicky to setup and get right (just like everything from Pimax) that it seems like in any case only a small percentage of people will have the best experience with it.

If someone has a bad experience using Pimax products, you can always blame them for not setting it up correctly I guess.


Its laggy and I clearly see the edges. Its a completely disappointing experience. Not only is performance terrible but the actual unit itself isn’t designed well at all. The magnets are so weak I knock them off of the metal plate every time I try and put my headset on. The unit sticks out very far and even with spacers my eyes are almost touching the lenses.

I was unimpressed and removed it.



Sigh Wasted.

8k x or other version?

Its a 5k+


sure you are :wink:

not that I have seen. And I own it. A little sketchy for sure.

everything you said is so true, so far the trade off of just having this installed is not worth it.
dont forget its warm on your eyeballs and it never shuts off even when your headset is off and increases reflection if you have the glasses cutout in your foam.
Now i have to be super dainty when putting on the headset, and I have to unplug the hmd from the wall everytime i finish with it.


So I guess almost everyone who bought the eye tracker just wasted their money then.

Also either false advertising or at least a case of setting unrealistic expectations.


It could be possible the eye tracking may perform better in the 8KX over USB 3.0 cable. I suspect that Pimax optimized the eye tracking mainly for 8KX.


I see, so we will need to wait for more 8KX users to try it.

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