How much of a performance gain can be made by using DFR with the eye tracking module on the 8k X?

How much of a performance gain could I get by using the eye-tracking module with DFR on the 8k X? Would the performance be similar to running at 1440p? And how well does DFR work with the eye-tracking module?


Since no one has replied yet, I decided to share my thoughts…

I can only speak of FFR, which can yield up to a ~30% fps increase, but this depends on your FFR settings. I found it to be distracting in Elite Dangerous, so I turned it off. My eventual solution was to play using Small FOV, which (on my system) yields a similar fps increase. I just pretend my space helmet is blocking my view slightly.


Few people owns the ET module.
Even fewer people succeed to make it work…

I have it, but I ended up unmounting it because it was more trouble than anything…


How do you enable FFR?

in pitool.

The sacrifices you have to make in ergonomics, comfort, and image quality for whatever performance gains you get from eye tracking is not really worth it.

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It’s only with me or using FFR with PP enable doubles the radial lower resolution areas ?

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I’ve installed the eye tracker properly this time, it has increased the mic height by around 5.5cm. I’m satisfied with the increased mic performance.


Bro, I’m dying. That’s hilarious.

It’s a hell of boost for the mike and only for 100 bucks it is a steal :laughing:.