How the Pimax Vision 8KX can optimize your racing skills

How the Vision 8KX can optimize your racing skills

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Hello to everyone who is reading this. In the following I am taking you with me on my Pimax 8KX journey and how everything started. For me, it’s a very emotional posting, as my study is also involved as well as my big dream to get one of the best headsets available.

Please do not judge me by my English, normally I am not writing in English. This should be entertaining and informative at the same time. I hope you will like it.

The start of my journey to the Vision 8KX

The Story began back in March 2017 when I finally started writing my Bachelor Thesis. The headline was:

"Analysis of the information intake of racedrivers in a simulated environment while driving on the physical limit"

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This thesis required lots of research about the human being and it’s sensory organs including the information intake of the human eye. Well, some of you might know that the Pimax is now looking around the corner. True! But I haven’t seen it yet. My focus was to analyse the eye movement while driving on the physical limit.

At this time the triple screen was very common and in terms of VR gaming the non-plus-ultra was the Oculus Rift with its 90° FoV. While getting deeper in my analysis, it became even more clear, that a triple screen and the oculus rift were not reliable to give every information a racing-driver needs in a simulated environment. The human FoV is so much bigger and so much more complex, that I needed another, better system for the simulated visualisation.

Some science you need to know

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Below, you see the importance of using VR to analyse a racing driver while driving in a simulator. The head is moving towards the racing line and a little bit off from the actual driving direction, and the eyes are moving to the apex as well. The reason is, that you want to rotate the car to the direction of your foveal view.

If you now want to analyse the visual information intake of a racing driver while driving the car in a simulated environment, you need to have displays everywhere to not get false information for the brain! With a triple screen, you have too many other information around the screens recieved by the human eye. You can see lights from the sides of the screen, reflection from lights behind you, you can see the sun which is shining above the screen and so on. Bad requirements for analyzing the head movement and the visual information intake in general.

(source: Bachelor Thesis of myself published Januar 2018)

The foveal view is an area ±5° around your focus. In this area, you can see everything sharp and your eye can instantly detect every information. If the information is far away of your focus, then the detectable information gets less. The border of your FoV is only for detecting speed by using the black and white balance. Science is telling you, that the border of your human FoV is extremely important for car-drivers to value the speed of a car. This means, the narrow the FoV of a headset is, the worse the guessing of speed will be.
In fact: If I want to analyze the information intake of racing-drivers, then I need a large FoV of at least 170°.
(by the way, investigations have shown that there is no significant improvement in estimate speed by open up the FoV more than 170°)

To illustrate this better, I attached a picture with different FoV angles. As you can see, It’s very difficult to see the mirror with a 90° FoV. Detecting a car there while being focused on the racing line is nearly impossible. And as you know from above, guessing the value of speed is also very difficult. 110° FoV makes it a bit better, but not as good as needed.

(source: 8KX)

My first contact with Pimax products

I was searching days and weeks to find another, better system than the Oculus Rift and a triple screen to do my analysis with real drivers. One day, I was getting a hint from a friend.

“Go to, maybe you will find something you need”

I did it. It was in November 2017 and I found what I needed:

The Pimax 8K with a FoV of 200° - WOW! I need this headset!

(source: 8KX)

Sadly, the headset was initially planned to start shipping in January 2018 but was repeatedly delayed due to design tweaks and manufacturing refinements. There was no way for me to get one of these Headsets in time to do my analysis. Very depressing for me at this time. However, life goes on and I finally finished my work with the added note:

"This analysis should be repeated with an Headset which is able to depict the full field of View an human eye is able to detect. Remark: The Pimax 8K is recommended for this analysis.

The time will bring it to a good end

You will now say: “Well, you are always talking about the Pimax 8K, what’s about the 8KX?”

Sure, you are right. This was during the year 2017 and the beginning of 2018 when I was finishing my thesis at University.

Now we have late 2020. Meanwhile, Pimax rolled out the Pimax 5k+ which had a better display and more clarity. I decided to buy one second hand and it was just WOW! This was awesome!

“Wait… This is the 5k+! Its an 8KX event!” - yes yes… wait… this was a decision done in the mid 2019. In December, Pimax give me the opportunity to pre order a Pimax 8KX and i said: YES! I want to have this phenomenal headset after checking all reviews on YouTube. I was giving all my money from Christmas to Pimax and started waiting for the delivery. Weeks and months were going by and in the mid 2020 Pimax told “Every pre-orders will get there headsets by end of September” What? Really? Yeah! Pure happiness!

It’s there, it’s finally there!

And now, I hold it in my hands. The best Headset I was able to look through it’s lens ever. This clarity, this absolute amazing resolution and this great FoV. Since I got this headset, I was nearly 100 hours or more on my self made simulator and every time when I am sitting there, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Its like another universe and I can tell everybody who wants to get the maximum out of the VR world:

“Try a Pimax 8KX - that’s how VR should be! You can read books while sitting on the beach (your bad at home)”
(In times of Corona, this is a good way to relax, really :slight_smile:)

on the top left: my self made sim with the 8KX on top
on the top right: one of my Drivers while being in his own world (This is a Pimax 5k+)
on the bottom left: The unboxing of my new Pimax Vision 8KX
on the bottom right: Me driving a AMG GT4 in Assetto Corsa with the new 8KX)


Now, after working 2 months with the Vision 8KX, I would say:

“VR is the new reality in simracing”

It gives you the perfect feeling and you can move your head exactly how you do it in reallife. Working with data analyzing software is much more accurate than working with a triple screen. In fact, all my drivers have one final statement:

"The Pimax Vision 8KX is perfect for learning new tracks and learning what is important in terms of your visual focus. It definitely improves your skills while driving against others. And you will feel much more prepared for a new racing event. The biggest point is the large FoV which makes you feel the speed you are going. "

Thank you Pimax for developing this great headset! You have pushed the VR world to another universe.

And now you know my whole story of the journey to my Pimax 8KX.

Thank you for reading! I really hope you felt entertained

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on Instagram, or reply to this topic.

personal remark (click to expend)

I wish everybody to stay healthy in this very difficult times. To everybody who wrote a text for this event: my fingers are crossed for you all! may the better will be picked and win this awesome new graphic card :slight_smile:

By the way: you can follow me on Instagram, if you like to have more motorsport content :wink:


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