How to Get a 5K+ to Work on Windows 7

Does anyone know how to get a 5K+ to work on Windows 7? In the SteamVR window the 5K+ HMD is flashing and I can only see the Pimax logo and stars when I put the headset on. Also, when I first plug the HMD in, I got an error message saying that “Device driver software was not successfully installed” or something like that. So it may have something to do with the driver.

Can you post your system specs?

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System Specs:
CPU: 8th Generation Intel Core i7(-8700)
RAM: DDR4, 16 GB, 2133 MHz (Kingston HyperX)
Graphics card: NVidia GeForce RTX 2070, GDDR6, 8GB, 1650 MHz (ASUS DUAL-RTX2070-8G)

Headset works when I install Windows 10 on this machine. HTC Vive works on this machine when running Windows 7.

Hi Grechy, I have exactly the same problem.

Here’s what I posted about it and what I tried, but unfortunately didn’t work :

I will update to Win10 if I don’t find a fix.

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Hi Ricou

I’ve tried a fresh copy of Win 7 and it didn’t fix the problem.

I haven’t tried loading a game, but I can change the color of the light on the front of the headset and I can hear audio through the headset when I attach headphones. So it looks as if we have the same problem.

I’m sort of thinking that it may not be a tracking problem. This is because, it takes a long time for my headset to lock onto the tracking system, in Win 10 and their are tracking issues with 5K+:

I’ve also downloaded PiTool’s source code from GitHub and there is a Win 7 driver called STTub30.sys in the PiTool-master\PiTool_setup\dfudriver\Win7\x64\x64 folder. However, I can’t find the device that used this driver in Device Manager. I did find this driver in C:\Windows\System32\drivers. I need to do some reading about this driver.

I’ve also opened a ticket about this and haven’t received an answer.

I think we have a good argument for asking help with this. Valve has found that the number of uses accessing Steam using Win 7 increased in Dec 2019 and is almost 19%:

and there are still security updates for Win 7, i.e. paid ones. So hopefully Steam and others will not drop support for Win 7 in the near future.

Yeah, Win 10! If you do install it be prepared to sit around for a while. When I installed Win 10, I waited for about an hour for it to install updates.

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No one is going to support a platform which is officially unsupported by Microsoft (the paid support is mainly for companies which for one reason or other have to still run Win 7).

On the other hand, no one is preventing you from running Win 7, but you are on your own.

Pimax should clarify though whether they support it or not to avoid bad surprises.


So, why exactly do you still use win 7? It’s no longer supported by microsoft, will not get security updates anymore… More and more things will stop working; just update to win 10?


I submitted and updated to Win10.
I’m not regretting it for now, and the headset finally works.

Good luck to you, man.


Asus release a Win 7 driver for its RTX2080S graphic card three days after Microsoft dropped support for Win 7.

So Asus still supports Win 7 or at least for some of its hardware.

As I understand it, the 5K XR was design for commercial use and as risa2000 said some companies have their reasons to continue with Win 7. If Pimax is marketing the 5K XR for commercial use, Pimax should still support Win 7 for this headset and may be for their other headsets as well.

There are many reasons to continue to used Win 7. Some are discussed here:

I would upgrade to Win 10 if the games that I play run better on it. However, the games that I play don’t seem to run any better on Win 10. With the exception of games that run on Direct X 12, has anyone found that games run better on Win 10?

I agree, Pimax should clarify whether they support Win 7.

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