How to report PE bugs

To make the communication regarding PE related bugs/issues efficient, please read this short guide on how to post bug reports.

When you find an issue regarding Pimax VR Experience, first quickly search the forum whether someone else has already reported this issue or not. If they have, add your findings to their topic.

If it is a new issue, please create a new topic yourself under the PE Bug Reports category and use the following structure to explain it:

  • Issue description:
    • Write a short summary (one or two sentences) of what the issue is. use this section to explain the if you need to, supply an image, screenshot or a video, etc. More accurate information always helps.
  • Hardware and Software info:
    • List the following models/versions: CPU, GPU, OS, PiTool, PE.
  • Steps to reproduce:
    • Create a bullet point list of steps you take to reproduce the issue.
  • Result:
    • In one sentence, what is happening (which is the incorrect behavior).
  • **Expected Result:
    • In one sentence, what should be happening (the correct behavior).
  • Log Files:
    • Attach your log files.

You can find get the logs either via PE or manually.
In PE: At the bottom of the “Customize” panel, there is a button that exports the log files for you, to your Desktop.
To manually retrieve the files, they are located under:

C:\Users\<YourUserNameHere>\AppData\LocalLow\Pimax\Pimax VR Experience

They are named Player.log and Player-prev.log.

Just in case you do not see the AppData folder (common question), you can paste that address in Windows Explorer address bar, replace <YourUserNameHere> with your user name in WIndows and press Enter.