How to watch Youtube 360/180/VR video?

Hello, i’m 8KX user with 2080 TI.

I am trying to watch video in VR but it’s not so easy. I mean not only 3d movies like in cinema, but full 360 video, where you can turn around.

I installed steam applications like VeeR that provide VR video content. It works, i can see video. But problem that there are limited and mostly poor quality content, also search options works bad.

I want to see 360 video in Youtube. But i don’t know how.
Application VirtualDesktop have mistakes. When i copy link to youtube 360 video, VirtualDesktop downloads it as flat video and then stretch it to 360. It’s completely wrong.

I tried open Youtube 360 video in SteamVR browser, but it shows flat video that you can rotate with mouse/controller.

I tried a lot to run Firefox (it says now have VR support) to see VR content. When i open some web pages it asks to permit access to Virtual devices. After i accept it starts SteamVR but then nothing happens.

Can someone please tell how to see youtube 360/180/3d videos? May be i need to install some VR browser? Or youtube 360 video downloader?

Try Deo Vr Video Player

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NO please be careful with such recommendations.
have you ever checked it yourselves? There is a big issue with 360 video apps. all the time
It is not easy. Steam apps do not really detect and display all these 360 degree variants. Updates often destroy running configurations.
I use DEO VR, PLAY´A, VR Media viewer, Whirligig, BigScreen, SimpleVR Player. Currently ALL (!) have issues with certain 360° video types. And it varies.
Some examples where You cannot easily start: /the Google stuff, of course/
try this and tell me under which conditions it works with PIMAX (I use 8KX):
[Extreme] 360° RollerCoaster at Seoul Grand Park (2048p_30fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4
Giraffatitan dinosaur_ Back to life in 360 VR (2160p_30fps_H264-128kbit_AAC).mp4
some players allow to change the cube model, but it is just guessing around.

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Already tried BigScreen, VirtualDesktop, Deo VR - no success with them.
I do something wrong?

Yes i can open some video from it’s library, but its not what i wanted. I want to see 360/180/vr video from youtube. These services offer not so big ammount of video.

May be someone can recommend VR browser or VR player that can download 360 video from youtube. Or give me a link with tutorial please.

…Is it for Science?


I can only guess what You mean… big buck bunny, isn´t it? :innocent:

But seriously, If You want to show the abilities of such an headset
or indeed just enjoy well done science videos like

  • Lions 360 National Geographic
  • Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. Aerial 360 video in 5K
  • 360°, Chengdu Panda Base, China, 8K aerial video
  • 3D Oceandive 3D - Pinkau 3D Entertainment
    it really is annoying to tryout which player currently is able to play properly.
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currently the players have a poor recognition ability, which ° mode to use. maybe it is in combination with provided video format, may lack crucial information.
Without details no chance to help. For sure there is no general guideline. Often recommended is a current LAV filter.
By the way, I recommend the Google lightfield app on steam, impressive demo.

Without details no chance to help


My problem is Youtube 360 or 180 videos. Every player i tried could not open youtube 360/180 video in Virtual reality. These players can only show video in “Cinema style”, where you sit in front of big screen. Some players allow to rotate video on this big screen with controllers like you do with mouse in browser.
Among players i tried, only Virtual Desktop “tries” to open video in “VR style” (where i am inside the scene). But Virtual desktop downloads from youtube flat (visible 60 degree) version and then stretches it in 360 degree, video becomes completely ugly.

Problem is in youtube videos. 360/180 videos from Steam applications libraries are good, but libraries are poor. Sad that i can’t watch so huge amount of youtube 360 video in VR.

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