HP Reverb G2 added to the HMDGDB

Thanks to Oscar (@knob2001), who sent me HMDQ data from HP Reverb G2, I was able to add the usual visualizations to the HMDGDB (https://risa2000.github.io/hmdgdb/hmd_cfgs/ReverbG2_Native_90Hz.html).

Compared to G1 there does not seem to be a significant change except in the HAM (G2 has a substantial one).


Whats HAM? :pig::pig2:

I’m going to go make a sandwich. BRB.


Hidden Area Mask… :wink:

Enabling it in PiTool prevents rendering a part of the image that’s not visible in the headset (i.e. wasted GPU resources).

@risa2000 has written about it before:

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I know.what it is. I just never heard of it acronymed before.

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