HP Reverb G2 - Updated Review

This is an updated review from my previous video regarding the HP Reverb G2 vs Pimax 8KX comparison. If you haven’t seen that video, please watch it first:


Sounds very promising if it feels like 20% sharper than 8kx, must try it out.


This is better, well done on improving your methodology, I hope it carries forward to future videos.

Sounds promising a good update and I’m looking forward to the mods you recommend. :+1:

One of the best G2 reviews i’ve seen yet. He also points out some interesting problems that people may have that could seem like showstoppers for some people when they first get theirs (myself included)

Especially for those Ryzen users out there

Im very curious if you noticed that “foveated” effect he speaks of here at 7:43

Wow… This is a first someone actually feels a non Pimax headset has stereo overlap problems that causes them eyestrain. 19:01

You see the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side. Pimax is not the source of all VR evil. It really is a personal experience .


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