HTC announces 3 new Skus. The Vive Cosmos Elite, XR and Play HMDs

Now dubbed the Vive Cosmos Series, in addition to the standard Vive Cosmos which has been available to purchase since October 2019 for £699 GBP the family of headsets will soon include the Vive Cosmos Elite, Cosmos XR, and Cosmos Play. Each one is aimed at a different demographic, from the entry-level consumer up to enterprise use cases.

Looks like HTC has decided to take the Pimax approach to product SKUs.

What do we all think of this? I think its funny. They must be scrambling.

Elite $899 USD = What a Joke . Its basically the replacement for a vice pro.

XR No price = for mixed reality has passthrough mode

Play (no price but it would have to be the same as the index or artisan) loses 2 of its cameras( as if the tracking wasnt already bad enough, either that or they realized the 2 extra cameras the added to the cosmos at the last minute did nothing and their tracking was still crap)

At $899 for the elite, i dont see any reason you wouldn’t rather have an Index or a Pimax.

Theres nothing revolutionary about the Elite that makes it worth that price.


They’re also making a new headset.

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