HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Wireless Adapter Set Up And Testing

Today I am finally cutting the cord on my PCVR setup once again thanks to HTC and I can’t thank them enough for making this possible!

As some of you who have watched my channel for a while know I used to love my wireless PCVR setup using the old TPcast adapter for the Oculus Rift CV1. Admittedly I never could get it to be 100% perfect… It was really close but I feel it was limited by the 5ghz wireless tech it used. I’m very happy to say though that so far in the week I have been testing the HTC wireless adapter it has been rock solid.

The HTC solution uses 60ghz Intel WiGiG technology and a dedicated PCIE card where the old TPcast units used a series of HDMI transmitters and receivers for the video and audio data and then sent tracking info across to a 5ghz router. I have to say that even though both setups are a bit complicated for the average VR user to set up the HTC solution was a much easier process with fewer parts.

Overall the performance I am getting out of the HTC Wireless adapter is identical to using the wire and so far I have not noticed any drop outs of signal or extra perceivable latency while playing even the fastest and most demanding of games like Beat Saber and Pistol Whip… the HTC Wireless adapter kept up with every beat and I felt no lag at all.

The great performance coupled with the complete freedom of movement without the feeling of a cord tethering me to the real world made for a truly immersive and slightly more presence inducing experience. If you own any of the Vive product line and have deep pockets then I highly recommend grabbing this add on for your headset. The adapters start at $299 for the OG Vive and go up to $349 for the Vive Pro and Cosmos headsets so it is for sure an expensive upgrade, but if you are like me and hate feeling leashed to the real world while you are exploring a virtual one then IMHO it is worth every penny!

If you want to learn more about or to purchase the HTC Wireless adapter please head to the link below:

Quick Links:

Unboxing - 1:02
Installing the WiGig Card in the PC - 2:26
Testing - 3:43


Awesome! Thanks for the review. I currently own an Index which I love and am waiting for my 8K-X pre-order.

I’ve been tempted on whether to also buy a Cosmos elite with the wireless adapter or just wait for wireless on the Pimax.

Does the headset run on battery when its wireless? If so how long does battery last?

And how do the original cosmos elite lenses compare to the Index and how do the gear VR lense swap compare to Index? In terms of resolution, sde, and clarity.

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Yeah it is always cool to be free of wires, I also 2 years ago had a few tpcast setup with the Old vive and enjoyed the freedom and now this new Vive wireless did work nice with the Cosmos. The prob is and I agree with everyone else, once you’ve tried a huge FOV like I have with the Artisan, there’s no going back to that old FOV. I can’t do it, I put the cosmos back on and I was like, Omg what the heckhappen! this is what I was looking through, It is amazing how quick our eyes get so you used to something that you can’t go backwards, it’s like when we first started to play doom at 640x480 we were loving it, then you played something higher res and you could never play lower res again, either end up with eye strain and a headache, not that we don’t get them now lol.
I guess I cant thank Pimax enough for ruining my 110 FOV experience in gaming because I can’t go smaller now. So can Pimax pull this off and offer a wireless solution before I’m wearing a diaper, I’m 49 now but the way things are done around here, we could be waiting quite some time.
So a word of advice for new VR newbies, you want wireless, don’t use a Pimax just yet.
But as always nice review Don…Keep up the content

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I’m really tempted to get wireless, together with the lens-mod this seems like a really interesting proposition. Thanks for the video Don, +1 as always!
Now I do have the 5K+ here, and the 8KX on order (Upgrade-type). Honestly, I don’t know whether I could go back to the small field of view. That the sweetspot is across the entire lenses with the lens-mod might make up for it, as the Comfort Kit has reduced my sweetspot on the 5K+ to miniature size (the padding is too thick for my broad head!).

My question on the entire topic: How is the cable on the 8KX? Is it thick, short, maybe inflexible, or heavy? How is it different than the 5K+'s?

Because that might be a reason for me to look at this option as a secondary, and keep the 8KX for seated gaming. I suspect the 8KX to be difficult to extend.

8K X is easy to extend and quite cheap as well, @SweViver did a lot of testing and ended up with a Club3D extender cable 3meters long that just works :+1:

@JoCool be aware you can probably buy it locally cheaper, that’s what I did :)Bought one already myself.
Sorry for the thread hijack :smile:

No worries… that’s some great info! []-)

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Tak for Info,

hilsener fra Holstein :grin:


Great video thank u. :0)

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