Htc Vive pro 1 with lense mod

So I have received my Htc Vive Pro with modded lenses , what can I say :

The picture quality is phenomenal !
Colors and edge to edge clarity are insane . I ve never experienced vr like that !

My main issue are the distortions/ warping effect . And I get dizzy for some reason . Is there any fix to that ?


its exactly the reason why manufacturers try to avoid using it, you may want try to google for gear vr vp1 lense mode distortion profiles, there are links on reddit and thingeverse but before uploading it to hmd via console tool you need to dump factory profile or you loose it forever


Allright thanks. Is there a video tutorial^^ ?

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Thanks it worked :slight_smile:
Its amaizing now guys !

This is the best vr hmd today ( if you one of those guys who dont want to buy Varjo Vr 3 xD )

I tried almost every hmd there is and this is it ! The whole display is your sweetspot , its insane ! The whole vision is crystal clear like on the desktop with oled colours and great sharpness ( I see more details than on my g2 because of the clarity , although the resolution is way worse , dont undestand how this vodoo/black magic works but hey it works :smiley:

Its not the case for majority of ppl though, i dont have sweet spot issues on index, quest2 (g2 and vp1 have issues though, vp1 without lenses mod & with 6mm foam is much better for me than g2 with gasket mod)

i cant use gear vr mod as it lacks good 3d, has distortions in dynamic and makes me thick, i tried all distortion profiles

and ofc resolution, its totaly obsolete these days

I’ve never ever seen such clarity . No godrays , no smearing , no mura , no chromatic aberration !

Simply epic :scream:
And those colors and blacks omfg :scream:

I am using the Vive pro 1 Profile number 14

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i doubt you get smearing right, i like vp1 very much and its one of the best hmd for me, but it has smearing and its due display, not lenses

No smearing at all , I am very very sensitive to that , that’s why I bought this hmd with this mod . That was the main reason . I couldn’t use the Vive Pro 2. because of that

Finally I can max out my games , I don’t get shimmering in contractors with max settings for the first time and it looks way better than on the G2 :scream::heart_eyes:

i mean every oled hmd i tried on head turns and fast movements cant update pixels immediately, there always will be smear, you can run alyx in dark scene with bright objects and rotate head, but i can see it even in normal scenes but it doesnt bother me

yes shimmering is very pleasant and performance free on vp1

Yeah especially on a rtx 3090 you can literally max the games and the AA implementation . No Man’s Sky finally with 90 fps and sub 7ms response time.

I have to give this hmd to YouTubers so they can spread this information . I am not joking. This is literally the best picture quality I’ve seen.
The fov is very low though but for now I don’t care :smiley: , I am overwhelmed by the lenses :scream::heart_eyes:

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Which lenses and how modded? Do you mean GearVR mod?

Yes I bought a premodded Vive pro 1 with ( probably gear VR ) lenses .

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I can see details that I’ve never seen before in such contrast , it’s mind-blowing :anguished:


Remember this is through the lense with crappy smartphone and compression via internet

Looks great man. The Samsung Odyssey have the same display, only they are tweaked to be more saturated color wise that the Vive Pro. I sold my VP1, Maybe I should try get another unit before they get harder to get

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These photos look awesome but they really are not representative of how it looks in the vp1. Colors look awesome in the vp1 but the sde is even slightly worse than the 5k+ and the the resolution is lagging even a bit more. Especially if you a/b the vp1 with the 5k+ you will notice.

But if your priority lies in colors and the asphalt lenses then yes, this might just be the headset for you

Whenever I put on my vp1 I am always amazed how good the colors are but then quickly get bored with the sde and resolution

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I don’t notice sde and I had the Pimax 5k plus P1 Version which had HORRIBLE sde . I was just reading my old WhatsApp chats from January 2019 to verify this information and the first thing that I’ve said to my friend when I tried the 5k+ : holy shi** the fov is so great but the sde is worse than my cv1
I can post the logs if you don’t believe me :sweat_smile: got everything archived xD

With this mod applied you see exactly what I posted :slightly_smiling_face:
The through the lense picture magnifies usually the sde but even that is not the case here as you can see :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Then your vive has other panels than mine which I find hard to believe honestly. Also, remember that the vive pro doesn’t even have full rgb panels

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