I can't run creed, batman and hellblade

I’m the only one.

These games crashes at start.

Pimax 5k+, pitool 109 and 111, nvidia 2080ti

Are these all an Unreal engine games? Try lowering your texture size settings and/or ingame super sampling in game (in 2D) before starting in VR. Actually put everything in “low” quality and try again.

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Pitool Render x1.0 & either Normal or small fov for Hellblade.

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Thank you very much!

You are right. I have deleted the config folder into “appdata” folder and config pitool with small and 1.0 and all of them started without problem.

Batman and hellblade needs pararell proyection anyway.

Tomorrow i will try with another fov.

Thanks again!

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Some games have issues starting because of SteamVR’s 4096 pixel limit (ie max of 4096xBLAH rendered per eye) which is very easy to hit when using PiTool > 1.0 and parallel projections.

See here to find out how to increase the limit (among other things):