I finally received the Hand Tracking Module (after a year of waiting)

So i ordered the Pimax Hand Tracking Module back in November 2019 and today it finally arrived. I could not believe my eyes. :exploding_head:

The whole delivery took literally over a year. In fact, so long that the receipt page from Pimax disappeared, along with my Pimax store account. The only proof that bought it is the after sales email and my credit card record.

So yeah Pimax I am glad that you managed to deliver it to me. But the customer experience is just straight horrible. I had to complain multiple times, I even forgot, that I bought it. I have to confess I gave up on you guys. You could be the market leader in VR in the EU, if you had proper support here and not this mess right now. Don’t get me wrong I love my Pimax 5K and I tested a whole set of VR HMDs. Nothing else can match the 120Hz and wide FOV experience. Only caveat is the head strap, which you know just sucks.

Oh and did I mentioned that I still did not receive my promised backer box?




Hope you can give the HT a try, and share some reviews with us.

Make sure you have confirmed the shipping address on your account, to ensure the backer box shipment is not delayed.


I hope you know that the problem was not the delivery, but the fact that the product didn’t exist yet. You bought something that was still being built, and I’m sure you knew that.

You are lucky. I bought mine since November 2017 during the kickstarter campaign.
I still haven’t received it…

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Oh gosh, thats even worse. Pimax should follow one simple rule:

First in, first out.

So whoever ordered first, should receive the item first. Currenty it is just random, or whoever cries the most.

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