I found some bug about sampling of steamvr , fpsvr

I notice that when I run steamvr home and it become worse for a long time, it always shaking and when I check cpu, it always become 100% while I use only amd-fx 8350. But when I get the early headset, I never found issue like this.

Today I test about 120hz and 90hz to check about fov and I want to check frame rate, so I use fpsvr to check.

When I access the steamvr home, I found that the sampling become 224% although I set the sampling to be custom or auto.

When I test Battlezone with auto resolution, it set at 150% , but the game has more jaggy edge and frame rate is between 50-60 fps.

When I change to use custom resoltion and set sampling at 150%, the game has less jaggy edge and frame rate is between 30-40 fps.

I am not sure that this bug caused by steamvr or fpsvr or pitool.
Will try to use Quest to test later.

p.s. I restart steamvr on each test.


Restore at HMD and Games in pitool, and restart service.

I already test by Quest and it get the same issue. When I set to 50% custom, the steamvr home run sampling at 125% and when I open the Dream deck, the sampling down to 50%.