I see slight delay in motion when i turn my head very quickly 5k V2

i want to resurrect this old thread

i’ve got a quest 2 and unfortunately i have to admit that head tracking in Pimax does have the problem described there, while i didn’t noticed (or i guessed it was normal) when i replied back on that topic, now that i can compare with a quest 2 (and even in wi-fi with 40ms latency!) head tracking does not suffer of that shacking.

i play a lot Beat Saber, on faster maps the difference is huge, because of fast movements what i get with Pimax is a shaking party with the image going up and down, very disturbing, it does not happen with quest2, even with that added latency caused by oculus link or wi-fi, image keeps still, another example is from pinball, i have a “wannabe” real table simulation where i can push for nudge/tilt, everytime i nudge with pimax i get a shake on the headset, no shake with quest.

i have an older 5k model, the one with cracked plastic, i don’t know if they have fixed it with newer versions, at least on mine it has always been there since the beginning and now that i have a direct comparison i think that this is the biggest issue of this headset.


I have this problem too, among others and because its out of warranty the best they will do is offer me a $200 discount on a new HMD when Ive had problems going back to when it was in warrantly for dead pixel and cracked case… even tried to blame the fault on my pc when its a new pc and the problems also occured on the old one… Not happy with Pimax right now… thinking of escalating this to Kevin Henderson.


please submit a ticket to our helpdesk.
Our technician will be help you to diagnose the this problem.