I see slight delay in motion when i turn my headset very quickly V3

SO, 3 years has passed, as thread closing after 2 months (I see slight delay in motion when i turn my head very quickly 5k V2 and I see slight delay in motion when I turn my head very quickly (5k+) ) this is V3 but i have a great news, i’ve tried 120hz mode and it looks that this delay is almost gone in 120hz mode, don’t know wich kind of magic 120hz has did to my headset but if you try swapping back and forth from 90 to 120 you will notice huge difference in headset tracking (at least with my model, i’ve never understood if this issue is common on all headsets models and revisions or not), with 90 hz you feel like in a boat, at 120hz is much more solid, delay goes away!!
I would say at 120hz is in par with quest2 airlink/link/VD

This is a great news for me as i’ve never used normal/large fov with 90hz, and normal 120hz is almost the same as small with 90hz, that is ok for me, it’s still a huge fov compared to any other headset…
i only blame me for not having tried 120hz mode before and blame pimax for not having told us that 120hz can be a solution fo people sensible to that latency.


Been using 144 hz exclusively which I notice to be smoother than lower rates, never noticed much diff amongst the lower rates before 144 was achieved. For fast moving titles 144 is huge for me.

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