I started my road to create a portable desktop PC

So I am moving around a lot want to carry my VR kit around to show it to other people and, of course, play with it myself. I have a laptop with 1080, but it isn’t cut it for the Pimax 8KX. So I decided to create a package that has all the benefits of the desktop PC and portability.

First of all, I already have ATX mobo so it created some difficulties as ITX would be more suitable for carrying. However, I saw the Pimax videos and ordered the same case as they used:


That allows me to quickly grab and carry the case as it is mid-size and has a firm handle!

The next problem is all the accessories that come with the computer. Preferably, I only want to unplug cords and take the case. For this purpose, I bought a separate power cable that I can take with me as it doesn’t require space almost at all.

Then I bought a software called Twomon. It allows you to use the Apple or Android phone/tablet as a
PC screen! I have tested it, and it works great! I set the PC version to start automatically when the computer starts, so all I need to do to use the computer is to plug my android tablet to PC and launch the Twomon app from the tablet. The software even recognizes touch inputs.


That’s all that is needed. Now, as I want to travel with my computer, all I need to do is to unplug it and take it with me, leaving all the accessories at home. The tablet and power cord travels inside the bag or whatever.

Additionally, if I get tired of the touchscreen, I can buy the Bluetooth powered KB+with an integrated touchpad. They cost around 30 euros.

The only problem I noticed is that Unreal Engine-powered games don’t work when the tablet is connected via USB. So as I start the SteamVR, I need to unplug the USB to play games. If I want to see the computer screen, I plug the USB back and immediately see it.

Here is the picture of the app running in my 10-inch tablet.


That’s a very cool project.


You might want to consider a 7" that connects to hdmi and uses USB for power.

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There is a topic on a really compact case “Dan” Case?


And “Dan” head strap for Pimax hmd :laughing::wink::beers:


Here is a link to the post with Dan Case. Redefines small form factor with gpu

Did something similar myself, but took the all-hardware route (portable monitor instead of tablet software).

Case was chosen due to minimal dimensions, and packed with more Noctua and SilenX fans than it was designed for, which was not really productive (should use fewer fans).

Strapped this on the outside.

Attached this monitor. It works with just a USB-C connection to the GPU and nothing else, but I usually carry at least one DisplayPort-HDMI adapter and headless ghost, which was useful for other things recently.

Using these controls/keyboard.

All taken to the Pimax Roadshow in NYC powering the Pimax Vision 8kX (the machine to the right with the blue lighting).

At the end, a few wood cylinders were cut from a small 2x4 to make taller ‘feet’ for the case to ensure good airflow on carpets.

A PVRHome hook is used so Virtual Desktop (and Voice Attack) is launched automatically as soon as possible, so physical monitors are actually not usually necessary.

Inside is a 5.1GHz i9-9900kF and ~2045Mhz RTX 2080 Ti.

More details will be posted to the other thread later, probably in a few weeks. In the meantime, I am interested to know if any of the ThinkPad Tablets, with trackpoint and wacom pen inputs, all Intel graphics, can possibly run Virtual Desktop at ~1.5x Total SR under the Pimax Vision 8kX.