I was charged a $219 VAT for the 8KX in Europe AFTER I received it

I guess you should talk to FedEx at least to make sure they do not want anything from you. In my case they did.

indeed call fedEx then you know if you need to pay or not…

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Thank you! But it seems to be just random:

  • I recieved a FedEx invoice regarding the 99$ eyetracking of 49.04€. (6.30€ customs, 28.24€ VAT based on 200$ (?), 14,50€ fee)
  • @WKrs recieved one asking for 28.05€. (13.55€ VAT based on 99$, 14.50€ fee)

Both shipped to germany under exactly the same conditions, i suppose. I will contact FedEx by phone and hope to get this sorted out…


The eye tracker is listed on the pimax website at $200 so it sounds like they are trying to charge you based on the website price, not the price you paid

This is the info:

“Commercial Invoice is incomplete. Recommended action:
Shipper or Importer must provide a completed Commercial Invoice.”

Thx again, Pimax! Really, I`m so f*** tired with this company…

  • I’ve opened a ticket…

After forwarding the (from Pimax “forgotten”) documents to the custom I received this:

TOTAL 125,88

What a joke!! The value is 60,- (Backer-Box) and I have to pay 126,- € ??

First of all: I still don’t get the point, I have to pay for A GIFT!
Or does anybody give a gift to a friend with the words: “this is your gift, but you owe me 126,- € for customs!”

No way, Pimax! You fooled us enough with empty promises, making us wait and even lying to us!

Without us - THE BACKERS - you never could have build your products! Keep this in mind!!!

And please stop talking about (quote from your email “We believe we will be better and keep the competitive in the world.” Simply do it!!

Sorry, but I’m really angry and dissapointed after so many years putting my trust in Pimax.


@WKrs bill ist right, yours is wrong - the question remains why. The question also remains who @Pimax is respoinsible for what and where the promise basket is. I am chasing my 8KX Update plan D placed on November now since 6 weeks, another order I put out shortly after containing a comfort kit and KDMAS (so, basically items included in backer box and thus ready to go), let alone my additional pKS pledge of a Lighthouse, available since months - all paid for one/three years ago. I have chased this now with various tickets and even with the help from @PimaxQuorra it is stuckfor no obvious or explainavble reason.


This is becoming to resemble a Kafka’s story. Duties & taxes 26 EUR and 100 EUR for fees and fee taxes :frowning:. I do not recognize any of brokerage, deliver order fees (nothing to say about their taxes) and handling fee seems quite high too…

I would say something is definitely wrong with the FedEx for all those charges. Well, apart from what is wrong with Pimax.


Ich bin aus Deutschland und habe auch eine E-Mail bekommen in der ich aufgefordert werde 195$ zu zahlen. Ich weiß nicht wie ich mich verhalten soll bzw. was das soll. Welche Möglichkeiten hat ein chinesisches Unternehmen Forderungen in der EU einzufordern? Habe keine Rechnung und nichts erhalten nur so eine E-Mail und die komplett auf englisch. Für eure Antworten würde ich mich sehr freuen.


Wie du schon sagst, wenn noch nicht mal eine ordentliche Rechnung diese angeblichen Forderungen aufführt, dann zahlst du natürlich nicht. Da könnte ja jeder kommen und lustige Forderungen stellen.

Ich hatte selber bei Fedex angerufen und hier hat mit der nette Mitarbeiter an der Privatkundenhotline gesagt, dass Fedex keine Forderungen gegenüber meiner Person hat.
Pimax hat hier die Rechnung erhalten. Die haben wohl schlicht und einfach einen Fehler gemacht und versuchen nun diese Beträge von ihren Kunden zurück zu erhalten.


So Pimax just replied to my email from a month ago. Guess what…

  1. They didn’t answer any of my questions about confirmation of correct tax code, confirmation of VAT price, confirmation of correct value of product. Why do I think that the new person never even read it…?

  2. They sent me the Fedex document that I sent to them a month ago.

  3. They haven’t confirmed the actual amount, and they sent me a link to pay which doesn’t go anywhere except to a $1 dollar difference coupon page. I’m happy to pay the $1 if that’s all they want!

Come on Pimax staff, read the actual situation and make progress. Don’t just fire off a template email once a month that repeats the same stuff and isn’t useable by the customer.

@PimaxQuorra you need to step in please or there will never be any progress. I need the points in my last response dealt with and answers confirmed, a final correct VAT cost confirmed, and a correct means to pay it. Then we can finally close this matter, like we all want.


@PimaxQuorra here is my exact response. Can you please ensure that the next support person actually reads and deals with each issue so we can make progress?

"Hi Joan, thanks for getting in touch. I am concerned that you have not read any of my previous responses and questions, otherwise you would have not sent the same message which means we cannot progress this.

All of this I already replied to Tess in detail, but here is a summary.

  1. I spoke to Fedex, they said there is nothing for me to pay them. They said Pimax put themselves as the payee.

  2. I got the attached document myself from Fedex and I sent it to Pimax - why have you now sent it back to me?

  3. The document raises questions that need to be answered to get the correct VAT amount:

a. Is the $1099 value of the product correct? Do you know that I only paid $809.51 because I had a $350 discount on the 8KX? PLEASE CONFIRM THIS IS CORRECT

b. You have the wrong tax code - there should not be any import duty, and I should not pay anything for that. If Pimax have incorrectly paid import duty, you must claim it back from Fedex and NOT charge me for it. PLEASE ALSO CONFIRM THIS IS CORRECT.

Here is the code, if you look at the document it is incorrect:

"And that’s clearly a mistake as HS code shouldn’t read 8528590090 but 8528529900 as the device is clearly a monitor/display and not a picture/sound “recorder. Pimax can easily straighten that out and reclaim the duties they have paid for - and only they can do this .”

  1. Once all the above is checked and confirmed, what is the correct amount to pay? It should only be 20% VAT and that should not be on top of any import duty. PLEASE CONFIRM THE CORRECT VAT

  2. The link you sent me to pay goes to a $1 dollar discount price voucher - I don’t understand how I can pay the amount with this? PLEASE CONFIRM A CORRECT METHOD TO PAY THE CORRECT VAT

  1. I already told Pimax all of this at the beginning of November. You have not responded with the correct answers. To make progress you must read and confirm what I have asked. PLEASE CONFIRM ALL THE CORRECT ANSWERS ABOVE.

Kind regards…"


Hello everybody

everything has cleared up for me, even if it wasn’t that easy.
today i received an invoice from clair from customs in cologne. I called customs and the invoice is correct, but they cannot assign it because it was a completely different delivery than the one I received.
Then i spoke to fedex and they found the delivery.
Pimax sent me the 8kx and the index bundle together in one package. However, two packages were specified for customs clearance.
a package for the index bundle, duty paid as a game console so no customs.
a package for the 8kx, duty paid as vr glasses with customs duties.
But because it was all in one package and pimax took over the fees for the time being, a total chaos developed. the fedex employee was overwhelmed at first, but then we got everything together and now the bill is correct.
so i paid my fees to pimax today.


Well, today I received another generic request from Pimax urging me to pay the generated VAT. This time around with attached “document”. The document was just the declaration form from FedEx with declared value and generated VAT. All good, but it is not an invoice, hence useless to me if I’m in a RMA situation, or for whatever reason where I need to prove that VAT already has been paid. How hard can it be to supply a copy of the invoice they received from Fedex in the first place !!?


Just call fedex then you know wnat to pay or not

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I’ve already been in contact with fedex. There is nothing to be paid as it has been paid by Pimax already… So yeah, not gonna “make up the difference” with their 1$ thingy on pimax store without getting a proper invoice/copy of the one they received from fedex first.


I think more than anything this illistrates the crippling bureaucracy of customs and excise, look at all those indivudual fees. The overhead cost is disgusting, every person in the chain is charging for looking at/stamping a document.

Customs should operate for the sake of protecting local business from foreign imports evading taxes and duties are there to keep the pricing on goods from the internal market competitive.

What I see here is a for-profit group of sub-contracted comapnies acting under the umbrella of a government instituition unregulated and with a captive market to charge their “services” to. Customs fees should pay for the running of customs agencies, not have their operating costs passed on to the consumer with no alternative given.


It’s also a case if you could simply mark “gift” on a package to avoid import fees everyone would do so. The fact it was valued at $60 :us: with the fees at 126€ suggests an issue with the customs office/paper work. Unless the VAT there is astronomical.


Hi guys, since about one month now I’m in contact with the Pimax “support”.
About the incapability of Pimax one does not have to tell much more …
They behave like “expected”.
I don’t want to bore you with details from the miles and miles of emails,
so … to make a long story short:

I never thought it could get so crazy!
It’s embarrassing that I have to talk to grown-up people like I have to talk to small children. Emails are apparently not read at all or only partly, (also the answers look like this) and again and again they put pressure on me to pay 126,- Euro for a “present” - which I will not do!

Received an email today:
"I am sorry to inform you that the package will be returned back today and it means you give up the backer box, please kindly note we will NOT resend to you for the backer box " …


Anyone have an update on this? Pimax keeps on requesting the VAT, referring to the declaration form only…

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