Idea: Override the Index controller finger tracking with the hand tracking module finger tracking

I’m no programmer, but something I’ve thought about is using the hand tracking module in combination with the Index controllers. Owners of Index controllers have likely noticed that the controller’s finger tracking isn’t very accurate. I’m not sure if this is possible, but my idea is basically to correct the mediocre finger tracking on the Index controllers by replacing the finger movements with data from the hand tracking module.

If this is possible, it should result in much much much better finger tracking for the Index controllers. It wouldn’t be entirely 1:1 since the Index controllers don’t really have the ability for fingers to go any direction besides down/up. However, it should increase the accuracy dramatically.

This could result in more consistent grabbing. Less annoyance, and increased immersion. If possible, when the hands are not visible to the hand tracking module, it could simply swap back to using the Index’s regular finger tracking. I’d love to see this implemented if it’s realistically possible.



It would be interesting to hear from anyone who has experimented with the Index controllers and a Leap Motion tracker to see how much the controllers occlude your hands and how that affects the Leap Motion’s ability to track your fingers.


There is a driver for leap motion to emulate index controllers. I’m not sure if it emulates individual finger tracking(has gesture inputs), but that may be because camera tracking isn’t good enough when fingers overlap.


People will start to find out in July so right around the corner now!


Oh, is there something we don’t know about? :slight_smile:

Huh, that’s cool. Maybe this is feasible after all.

if you get the index controller, i do not think you need hand tracking.
controllers give you much than just fingers, they give you the button, pad or joystick you need for most of applications.
index controllers are the best of both world. you still get controls , and you also get basic fingers controls.
I do not see a case were hand tracking would be functionally better.
But yes for some applications (VR rooms) where you do not need a lot of clicking, this could be nicer than controllers.

What about any game where You’re using a HOTAS (flight/space sims) or wheels and need to interact with menus here and there? :wink:

Personally, I find it annoying to have to pick up a (VR) controller to change a setting on the SteamVR dashboard when playing a game with my SteamVR controller.

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yes that case is valid If…
the tracking and positioning is still far to be ok for such use.
but yes, if the interface is programmed to allow that, it would be great.
but since you get a controller in the hand (and the index feels a lot like a joystick) developpers could add an option that allows to use the controller like a virtual joystick on a click of a button

there’s a very big difference between using a quality fixed flight stick and throttle vs using a controller mid air pretending it is part of the cockpit.


I’m not talking about removing the index controllers completely. I’m talking about using the hand tracking module to increase finger tracking accuracy in combination with the index controllers.

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