IL-2 best settings?

dont know if this is the right place to ask this but what setting are you guys using in IL-2 ? i am receiving my 5k plus tomorrow so just want to do some research before,

my Rig settings are

rtx 2080ti

ryzen r9 3900x

32gb ddr4 3000mhz

nvm.2 ssd

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look here;

Do every step as written. 3dMigoto zoom is a must, do not use game zoom.
That game has special settings, as with best graphic you do not see contacts far away. Because of that your settings have to be optimised for that best spotting.

Or if you are not for multyplayer, just put everything high and enjoy alone.


thanks for that, most of them settings was configed 2 years ago do you think they will still be relevant ?

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Dont worry, Fenris_Wolf tune those settings and update them regulary, with every IL-2 game update. And it is always overwriten in first post there.


So guys no more Migoto mod since 4.006 update ? I’m not missing that munch controversial vr zoom ( get used to one eye vanilla zoom) but game colors without Lefufu mod are so dull and washed out in 5k+ . Even Pitool +2 for contrast -2 brighness dosnt help. Any ideas ? Can I still use older mod version with QM and Campaign or is not working at all?
@BrziJoe @lefufu @JoCool @blitze @a7610783

BTW 144hz with SM is great and super smooth expirence in my system even at dogfight servers


Lefuneste might re-release the mod without any zoom function. I don’t know about the other features like kneepad and color, but these are things he worked a lot on and takes pride in, from what I can tell. And he’s right, a kneepad is a really cool feature for a flightsim.
A rerelease would be necessary if the Devs wouldn’t fix their zoom with adjusted convergence for the Pimax. But he won’t do it without the Devs’ approval, understandably. We will see what happens during the week.


Hello, there is nothing more to say :slight_smile:

so will your realese mod without vr zoom? any eta ? pleashe share with us:)

The last il2 version has now a VR zoom equal to 2d, so there is no more good reason to provide a zoom that can be seen as a cheat, and did not provide same mechanics than normal zoom for plane spotting.
I still have things to polish, I hope to release it for the end of this week.
It will include a way to setup zoom convergence to allow zooming without PP, but unfortunatelly there are some glitches at image side, as when using the “rotate” function.


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