Il3 won't run from Pitool

Date: October 16 2020
Issue Title: Il2 won’t launch from Pitool
When I import my (non steam) version of IL2 into pitools, it tells me we have achieved success. But when I launch, it seems to fight with SteamVR flickering between multiple windows of it. Then it stalls. The mouse will no longer work on the start button in pitools, and can only be used to hit the top right ‘x’ to close the window. Both SteamVR and IL2 have to be closed from the task bar line because neither respond to the mouse.

HMD Model: 8Kx
First 3 Numbers Serial:
Pitool Version: 2.84 and later
HMD Firmware:

System Info

  • Windows Version: win 10
  • CPU: intel 9900k
  • RAM: 32 megs
  • Motherboard: Asus
  • GPU Model: nvidia 1080
  • GPU Driver: 456.71
  • **SteamVR Version:**uncertain, up to date as of Oct. 16 2020
  • Oculus Version: no idea. Most recent as of Oct.16 2020

Attachments (Pics/Video etc…)