Ilysia - Kickstarter for VR MMORPG

Looks interesting!

It is supposed to support all hardware platforms including Quest, so I guess it won’t become a reference title when it comes to graphical fidelity (and the demos don’t look like it…). But could be fun if done right!
The Kickstarter is already funded, so just waiting for release is also an option.
Thought it wouldn’t hurt to pledge for the beta access tier though.

they got already almost 100k

I guess 10k will be got for sure, so VR MMO with full body trackings sounds good, I was kinda sick of that dummy players avatars in Orbus VR, but multiplayer dungeon raids were immersive I would say.

Airship & naval battles also look great

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The funding goal might be a little on the low end and if you look at the stretch goals these appear to be quite some work for $5000, $10000 etc. But it’s a small team, so burning rate should be lower.
They also have a Patreon with currently 3.6k extra income per month, this should reduce the chance that the project folds if the Kickstarter money is gone.
And last but not least these Patreons play the Pre-Alpha for quite some time already, so the devs have already proven that this isn’t a pipe dream and that the team setup is up to the task.

It is important to note that Kickstarters are no preorders. I personally made pretty good experiences in some cases but got also nothing out of it in others.
On the other hand it’s a really nice opportunity to help getting something made that otherwise wouldn’t exist at least in that scope.

But it doesn’t hurt to have a look and decide by oneself.


Last 15 hours, they just reached the 150000 stretch goal. Fingers crossed that this helps to make an awesome game!

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