I'm semi confident less than 500 Backers will get headsets by the end of the year

Backer 254 and my headset is in a UK ware house. I live in Canada… so maybe not even 250 will get their headsets by the end of the year.

As backer #400+, a lesson for us all is Kickstarter isn’t like buying from an established company store. However we knew this and took the risk but maybe some of us forgot once we saw a few people review their own headsets and our lust increased…

You could argue, waiting 15+ months for your headset is the ‘sacrifice’ we make as Kickstarter backers by helping Pimax to deliver their 5K/8K product now and hopefully develop better products in the future also.

If we look at this in a positive light to fend off frustration and anger, if Pimax end up as a market leader in years to come, and you remain brand loyal and keep investing in Pimax because their VR devices become the best value for money, then it’s quite fun to think you played your part in enabling this. E.g. you didn’t fund another Intel and Nvidia who charge exorbitant prices.

Also it could have been far worse. We could have given Pimax $1000 or so and they failed and we never got our headsets at all. So the good news is although it seems there is a current 1 month shipping time, the shipping company has now been changed meaning backers around 500+ won’t have to wait as long. Yes this remains to be seen but we should not freak out, and see what happens.

The fact I now learn Pimax have changed the shipping company does prove they listen and care. If Pimax didn’t care, Pimax Matthew (left on health grounds) would have gone and that would have been that. As it is, Pimax Dallas replies and is actively trying to help so we should give them a chance and also respect.

Let’s wait until mid January and see how many people post here. If by February, still no backer #400 received their headsets then the situation is unusual and you can grab your pitchforks :cowboy_hat_face:

Patience is the key now. Time to meditate. :star_struck:


I’m 398 so I’m a good benchmark.

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317 delivered on the 11th, Midwest US and 8k


Interesting. I still have no tracking no. though. When did you get yours?

my tracking number came on the 13th, two days after headset already delivered

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I m backer no 293. Still haven t receiced a tracking number.

280 no tracking number

I am guessing most wont get tracking anymore after the cluster that the 2nd batch was. With headsets sitting in warehouses for days waiting to get routed or showing as delivered when they have not. So now it is just luck of the draw and hope the batches are correct as Pimax tells us.

Weird, my backer number is over 2000 and I already got my survey filled…

According to this Production Progress Update Jan 29/2019, Pimax has built over 2100 headsets (as of Dec. 13th), but has only shipped ~900. I assume that they have increased QA testing (given recent reports of issues), which is why shipping is delayed.

but why wont they send out the tracking?
would calm many minds.

They dont want a repeat of folks losing their minds when tracking shows it has arrived and sat in a warehouse somewhere for days or weeks waiting to be shipped out.

I will lose mine if im not at home when it arrives and gets shipped back.


I’m rocking along in the 3625 area,really at this rate I don’t expect my 5K+ to arrive until 2019.

At this juncture I think I will be asking Pimax to send the heaset with controllers and base stations as I don’t expect mine to arrive till at least late Jan/middle Feb at the earliest hopefully Pimax will actually have those controllers ready by then.:neutral_face:

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Never dude…
Your really think they have controllers working in 2 months ?
Valves knuckles are in development since when ? Nearly 2 years now?

They will not be able to get theirs from scratch to shipable in 2 months.


Yeah I know I’m optimistic with that estimation,but they could suprise us as supposed
annoucement about controllers is hopefully due in Jan.

I really don’t expect that they have not been working on the controllers behind the scenes they need something to sell in the shop,we have coupons to use it makes sense to get them out asap there should not be a need for extended tests besides these are not from scratch they were announced in October 2017 after all.

You wont get your until March mate

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Lol,I think you may be right Let’s call Feb very late,and possibly maybe a miracle might occur to get it by then :wink:

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