Import charges on backer box wth?

After 3 years of waiting, I was very excited to finally receive my base stations and much appreciated upgraded KDMAS. It’s given my replaced 5K+ a new lease of life. I was going to sell it for the HP G2 until i got the backers box. The comfort is fantastic with added 6dof and had renewed my faith in Pimax…

That was until I received a text message this morning from FedEx stating i have to now pay £44.64 in import charges.

I’ve been keeping a close eye on when the backers box would be shipping and to my mind i have not heard once that we would have to pay import charges on it.
If i have missed this then can somebody please link it to me.
I do know that people who ordered the 8KX would have to pay it, and headsets purchased on Pimax’s site would have to pay too. But not for the backers box.

When i backed the kickstarter i paid my shipping fees. Nowhere on there does it state that further charges will be applied down the road. Will another import charge be applied when the sword controllers are released??

I didn’t have to pay import charges on my 5K replacement so why do i have to now.
Was it to rush them out to people? If so then LET US KNOW and we can make the choice to delay to avoid these charges.

Listen Pimax… You have made mess after mess in regards to your promises over the years. And through all the ups and downs, many of us have kept our faith in you. Even when my first 5K+ was heavily cracked due to the poor plastics, i kept the faith. But this is the last straw.

£44.64 is not the end of the world to pay to keep using this great headset. But at the end of the day you have to take a principled stance on this. You gave me a price when the kickstarter project began, and i paid it + shipping fees. Any other costs should be on Pimax’s end UNLESS STATED!!

I am over with Pimax now and will be selling my 5k+ with the backers box.
Very frustrated


Hi the Backer Box without Lighthouses has a declared value said to be $60 :us:. If you received Lighthouses in your backer box I believe each lighthouse has a value of $75 :us: each so that would bring up the value by $150 for an estimated declared value of $210 :us:.

Request Fedex send you a copy of customs paper work. Mine with 2 Backer Boxes plus 1 HT my import charge was around $60 :canada:.


They did say they would try to reduce customs/import fees.

I’m in the same boat! Check this out… unbelievable:

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