Important Notes Regarding Pimax VR Experience

Thank you guys for the feedback so far, we appreciate it a lot!
Sorry for not replying until now. Me and Armin decided already on Thursday night that we probably will need the weekend to rest and finally get some proper sleep, so I personally havent checked the forums until now. I hope you understand…

About PiTool versions:
Some of you asked about PiTool version. The PiTool version is recommended, but official 264 also works with this version of PE. Although (correct me if Im wrong here), the automatic controller type/vendor detection should only work when PiTool is installed, and thats the reason we recommend you to use the instead.. Note that the controller-selector has been removed from Customize-options, as controller models are now detected automatically based on your used controllers.

Regarding the “bug” where PiTool promotps that a newer version of PiTool is available:
Bill & Alex (from Pimax/PiTool team) will most likely release a new PiTool version next week after the holiday, and the new version will include PE (and maybe also some new PE updates), which will fix this bug.

About the new PE Installer:
Each new PE version update will (apart from PiTool bundles) also be released as a standalone installer wizard. We have spent a lot of time to create the NSIS installer and its not only installing PE, but also correcting some values in registry before/after installation, it makes sure PiTool/PiService restarts after installation. There is now also a PC uninstaller created, which uninstalls PE and cleans up the registry keys created, Moreover the new installer lets you install PE anywhere on your PC (outside o Pimax install dir) and PiTool will still run it automatically as usual.

Note: New folder location in Appdata/LocalLow
We are not sure if all of you have noticed this, but in version we have decided to move the Appdata/localLow content to a new location. Now, all files created by PE and Unity are in a folder called “Pimax VR Experience” instead of PVRHome, so the path should be:

C:\Users\user\AppData\LocalLow\Pimax\Pimax VR Experience
instead of

This operation is NOT affecting all (game individual) settings profiles you have created in the past with previous PE versions (as these profiles are all stored in C:\Users\SweViver\AppData\Roaming\PiTool\manifest\PiTool).

But the new location affects:

  • user settings profile json (userSettingsPVR.json)
  • SteamVR Optimization profiles
  • Favorites
  • All Game-imports (except Oculus games which are still fetched from PiTool imports)

This means, upon installing you end up with a new (default) user profile and all your games gets re-imported to the new location. Although, your SteamVR Optimization profiles are not automatically moved from the old folder C:\Users\user\AppData\LocalLow\Pimax\PVRHome\CustomSteamVRProfiles) to the new folder (C:\Users\user\AppData\LocalLow\Pimax\Pimax VR Experience\CustomSteamVRProfiles).
So if you have made many SteamVR optimization profiles for your games in the past, you will need to move them to the new folder manually.

Also, your Favorites are not automatically moved from the old location, so if you had a lot of favorites created in the past, just move these from:
C:\Users\user\AppData\LocalLow\Pimax\Pimax VR Experience\Favorites\

And same thing applies to Custom Imported games. Move them from:
C:\Users\SweViver\AppData\LocalLow\Pimax\Pimax VR Experience\GameImports

The main reason to use a new Appdata/LocalLow folder for the Unity/PE files is to simply make sure nothing from teh old configuration can conflict/break the new PE configuration. Also, have in mind that the old folder C:\Users\user\AppData\LocalLow\Pimax\PVRHome\ was previously used by the “Empty Pimax Galaxy” bundled with all old PiTool versions, and these old files that were created could actually cause problems with the latest version of PE.

Sorry for the hassle caused by this, but this change had to be made to ensure full stability and no conflicts.

We promise to not move the Appdata/LocalLow location/path again, and the above operations will not be needed for any upcoming version of PE.

Notes: Command Line Arguments
All Command Line Argument profiles are stored as *.json files (one profile for each game) in C:\Users\user\AppData\LocalLow\Pimax\Pimax VR Experience\CommandLineProfiles.

Thanks all, looking forward to new reports and looking forward to continue the work on PE together with Armin after the weekend! :heart: