Improve Immersion on any VR Headset By Adjusting World Scale!

In this video I describe how to improve immersion on any VR headset using a new SteamVR world scale beta feature!


Very nice! Good to see a quick tutorial as many seem to like making long bloated videos when really only need a quick to the point video!

Keep up the awesome work.


Yeah, many make the video purposely long because that yields more in revenue as I understand it


To be honest, I made it straight to the point because I don’t have the energy to make a high quality production like the other Youtubers lol. I’d rather just get it out there.


:rofl: Honesty is king!


Actually, it doesn’t. All it does is cause an uptick in the recommendation algorithm for your channel.
YT actually does everything they can to screw you out of any ad revenue.


Good vid. Short and to the point.
This setting has been a godsend for The Forest. No longer floating a foot above the ground.


I like your content, but the clickbait title winds me up. I don’t want to have to waste time watching content to work out if that content is a waste of my time to watch. The vid is nice and short but personally, I also want an informative title. I’ve read it and been wound up by it at least 4 times so far, in 4 different places. Here, reddit, youtube, facebook.

How about “SteamVR Beta World Scale Guide : Improve your VR immersion in any headset!”.

Just a personal opinion, obviously if it works for you it works for you. I’m only one viewer I’m probably not typical.


Fair point. If you look around on Youtube though, 95% of VR Youtubers are using clickbait titles. It’s how they got their channels to grow.

But next time, I’ll try to find a balance between an appealing vs informative title.


I’ve updated the title


Awesome feature. I wonder if this can be added to the PE cloud profiles so we can get the right settings per game baked into PE

Hi Pimel
It’s a individual setting per user, so it would not make much sense to put it in a cloud profile.
Just my 2 cents :slightly_smiling_face:


But making it an adjustable setting, part of the SteamVR profiles would be cool.

Set and forget (until they break something of course)… :upside_down_face:


But don’t you have to be in game to test it out and see what setting you want to use? By the time you do that while in the Steam VR settings there wouldn’t be any need to also have the setting in PE would there? This assumes that the setting is saved in Steam VR per app once you set it once, the same way per app sampling settings are saved.


The setting gets updated in real time when you play. I was just showing the game list as a quick explanation.


Sure. I just like to have it all in one place. That’s all… :wink:


I’ve never really noticed any world scale. I see this term being used several times on the boards here but I don’t really know what it is referring to. It doesn’t matter whether I have my IPD dial down to 60 or up to 70 the size or scale of everything just looks the same to me.

What am I looking out for?

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If you consider the extremes, your hands and height may feel like you’re a toddler, and other objects seem too big. On the other side, your hands and height feel too big, and other objects seem too small. You can adjust world scale to make your hands/height feel like your own hands/height. Maybe you feel the steering wheel in a virtual car is too big or small, or you perceive the dashboard being too small or big. Changing world-scale can make it feel as it should in VR, like how you perceive the real world. If you don’t think anything is wrong, then you don’t need to change it. To me, Pimax makes everything seem a little too big, so I just need to put it to like 99% world scale and it feels better.


Thanks for the info. I thought such things were set by the game designers.
Also with height isn’t that set when you calibrate the headset in Pitool and SteamVR room setup?
I put the headset on the floor and type 0cm in so that when the headset is on my head I am the correct height.

I’ll try adjusting that slider and see if I notice these things.
Be a good way to recreate being a child again.

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Youtube have been changing a lot over the last 4 years. Yeah it seem they are finding any way to screw channels, while promoting their vetted ones, or at least that’s what I’ve seen complains about.