Included Cable information and comparison to Fibre Optic

was wondering if the 6m fibre optic cable is much thinner and flexible than the included cable with new artisan vision headsets, on the page it says 'is a new cable designed to be thinner, lighter and more flexible than the original in-box cable. ’ but it may be referring to old pimax 5K+ cables with power adapter, if anyone knows the length of the included new pimax artisan vision headsets cable that would be useful.

can I confirm if the new cable that comes with artisan only uses 1 USB port as well like the fibre optic one.

can i confirm the new vision artisan is USB powered only, no adapter necessary.


Thank you so much for supporting our headset.
The Artisan’s cable is 5 meter long.

Yes, you can use only one USB port, and please make sure it’s a USB 3.0.

Yes, it doesn’t require any power adapter.


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thank you for that information, only last question

‘is the fibre optic cable thinner and more flexible than the included cable in the new vision artisan.’

Funny, I have a new Artisan from end of november 2020 with separate Power Supply?

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does the fibre optic cable look thinner than the cable that came with your artisan.

same here, i was really really confused when i saw that

the fiber optic cable is like twice as thick as a phone charger cable and very light and flexible. Fiber optic cables are thin strands of glass, way lighter than copper wire.

ok but is it thinner/more fexible than the included cable with artisan.

Yes it’s thinner and more flexible and lighter

@ PimaxQuorra

would you consider replacing the included cable with artisan with the fibre cable as it is better, can increase the price accordingly.

A possible implication of this statement is that USB 3.0 ports are officially expected to supply adequate power. In the past I have been using USB 2.0 ports for the power connection out of abundance of caution.

you know whats funny, im hoping to have an 8kx shortly and im scraping by on a 650 watt power supply with my rtx 3080 and an externally powered 5k+ – i’m already fantasizing about how bad my luck could be if powering the 8kx off the motherboard will push me over the already razor thin tolerances i have and will need to upgrade my power supply because of it.

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I recommend getting a larger power supply, but here’s some data which I think you’ll find useful: Measured from the wall, I’m seeing the headset use 64W of power. All power usage values are read from my UPS’s display.

64W is the difference from no PiTool running with no 8KX headset plugged in vs plugging in the headset (via fiber optic cable with no additional power plug) with PiTool running. That’s the best case (minimum VR power usage) scenario.

My minimum power usage (no VR) is 56W. Just running PiTool with the headset on uses 120W. Running Half-Life: Alyx, I see 324W total usage in VR.

I have an i7-8700K, 32GB, and an RTX 2080. Everything (including RAM) is overclocked to the max stable values.


Power consumption difference between the headset powered externally or from USB will be minimal, especially since you have probably been more tempted to render higher supersampling settings with that 5k+ .

If you have to upgrade that PSU, it will be due to something else, like running new software that uses the CPU/GPU more.

That said, 650W is rather low, and such low-end PSUs usually are only claiming that by counting 5V amperage or something. Due to the potential for a bad PSU to do expensive damage, I tend to be very selective about the review statistics and such…

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8KX came in, computer started turning off when joining a match in star wars squadrons which worked fine with the 5k+… so the 650 wasnt enough as i worried, new 850 watt power supply ordered!

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