Incredible photo realistic graphics VR experience

I downloaded and played this VR experience. The graphics are incredible. I highly recommend it. I had to email them to request the download link.


If this was @VoodooDE 's house the back cabinet would be full of Headsets. :joy:


Hahaha lol exactly :grin::grin::grin::grin:


This is what Varjo uses to demo their headsets lol


You can experience this same world within VRChat. It’s called “Welcome Home” created by “Mississauga”. It’s pretty neat for demonstrating that VRChat is actually capable of high photorealism.

The worlds and Avatars in VRChat are user created so most of them are not very realistic. They’re often cartoony at least to some degree. But that’s not because VRChat can only do cartoony. It uses the Unity engine, too.


Haha yes. I actually found it from watching your video on the VR-3. It actually looks really great on my quest 2. BTW i love your channel! :slight_smile:

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Thats awesome. VR chat was the first thing I though of when i tried this. Id love to invite distant friends to hang out with my in an environment like this.

so it looks the same?im waiting for the email respons,but might as well download vr chat

VRChat also uses Unity 2019 (specifically Unity 2019.4.31f1), and the world uses what are clearly the same assets. I think the exact configuration of the house is a little different versus what’s in the standalone demo. And it includes some VRChat specific features like functional mirrors and a working video player that you can enter YouTube URLs into. Possibly the rendering settings aren’t exactly identical. But the video looks like the same thing I see when I go to the world inside VRChat.

It’s an uncannily realistic world, and a showcase of what VRChat is actually capable of even though most world creators don’t go nearly that far.

just jumped in,yeah i get that gushing presence that i get with alyx mostly,looks photorealistic,weird to see that in vr chat lol.

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So anybody tried the hubris Demo on pimax?im getting a crash on launch looks very photorealistic only if i could play it :frowning:

Sorry can’t help with your issue, but how do I get access to the demo? I’ve checked the steam page, just says coming soon.

to the right right above single player,echievments etc its a small demo dload button

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thanks how did i miss that!

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just tried it and it starts but the image is all messed up, makes me go cross eyed…enable pp u say but this is on my aero lol not sure whats wrong. im seeing others report ctd with it.

yeah its a mess,ive seen people with reverb g2 not being able to play either,wich is weird since i never had problems with any unreal engine game,hopefully they fix it at launch

EDIT: I was talking about house experience, and not about Hubris demo from last posts!!!

I tried house experience (had to send email for vr version link, and to register on their site).
It looks excellent, and it works correct without parallel projection enabled.

I gave them (developer) my feedback. Textures and shinny surfaces are really photo realistic, but I do not like some type of softening which is applied, probably some sort of MSAA, FSAA, i do not know exactly.
This makes picture less sharp and less “real”.

I also tried Openvr_FSR there (fholgers tool); I was looking it with FSR on small fov with 13000x13000 pixels per eye :slight_smile: + full 1.00 sharpening


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