Index a ticking time bomb

Find it very interesting that two prominent VR youtubers basically had the same problem with their Index and controllers.

Seems Like Valve isn’t as great as everyone thinks they are. Honestly it makes Pimax not look as bad with their support.

I wonder since Index controllers will all eventually have this problem I assume we are also screwed if we got ours from Pimax.

Truth is I have asked on a few occasions what kind of warranty we have both as backers and consumers with our headsets.

After warranty I think Pimax will repair with a cost. Which puts them ahead of Valve. Even if it takes them 6 months to reply to a support ticket.

Hopefully the sword controllers are more durable that Index controllers.

Thrillseeker is odd though.He’s like some Pimax Users in the sense that despite having some serious issues he still considers the index the best.

I say with all of the problems he’s having he can’t really say its the best headset anymore.


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