Informative 8KX review from Serious Sam dev


He did add later " edit: I got the sound working. I don’t know how, it just started working by itself suddenly. I also tried the bass boost windows option but it still sounds worse than my Pixel 3 XL phone speaker". Which based on feedback from others seems fair?

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Not sure how you can read that and think that its not extremely positive. Sure it points out flaws in the headset, although every headset has flaws of some kind, but the end result was that the guy was mind blown. How can that not be viewed as extremely positive?


@acegamer: Well, it is not entirely extremely positive, is it - or how could he come to the conclusion that he would not recommend it to normal users ??

But I guess what you mean to say is that if you are a VR enthusiast, who is happy to tinker around a lot and has other headsets at his disposal anyhow which he can use when-ever a game won‘t work well with the 8KX, this is a clear recommendation for you.

That is true, but there are more normal users out there than tinker-happy VR nerds, even I would definitely not count me as such - I do it reluctantly because I am keen to get a good VR experience, but it annoys me if I waste precious time on trouble-shooting instead of gaming. So even for me his review would not read as a clean-cut recommendation but rather a kind of risk-reward thing where I‘d have to make up my mind.

But I agree, if you are willing to spend silly amounts of money for VR in general and own a couple of headsets, the 8KX seems to in any case offer an intruiging option for special purposes, say certain games & watching movies etc… If Sweviver successfully bans the demons with his Pimax Experience tool, it could of course grow to be more than that. But that still sounds almost too good to be true, I am cautiously hopeful but. don‘t want to get carried away too early…


yeah, I was speaking in the context of his own personal conclusion of the headset being a mind blowing experience for him. I wasn’t referring to the notion of who the headset should be recommended to.

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Yes It’s really positive but something the only flaw get in to your face so to speak :wink: My experience with my 5K+ is inline with Sebastien comment on how he feel about the immersion factor with the pre-production model of the 8k-X.

Yeah the individual use of Pimax headsets definitely has a wide set of experiences. I personally had no problem with immersion in my 5k+ headset.


You are talking horizontal / 2, he is talking vertical.
3840*2 = 7680 , plus what is needed for distortion profile, which goes beyond 8192 in total. Hence the 16k treshhold mentioned by SweViver. Don’t overthink it, just do what they recommend.

I am fairly certain this falls into one of two explanations. Looking at stereoscopically close objects near the nose, the eyes are pointed through a region of the lens that is outside the sweet spot. Alternatively, any vertical IPD offset at all (subclinical for anything else) will result in an inability to align perfectly with the lenses, resulting in a loss of clarity.

From the way that statement is worded, I am guessing a bit of vertical misalignment. More than half of users will not have this problem.

No. That has to do with a SteamVR… software problem to be overcome… rather than anything to do with reality. Set that at whatever is needed to make the… mysterious problem… just go away.

Indeed, that’s horrible!


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