Integration of Steam overlays such as Friends list and Steam Chat

If it is at all possible to add Friends list integration that would be very useful, with features such as Connect to Steam Chat. I was reminded of this from this pre-audio setup request:

I would love to be able to do the following with headset on, within PE. Even better if it could be done in-game by bringing up an overlay, but I can see that providing many more challenges.

Features I would like:

  1. Bring up Steam Friends list
  2. Bring up one or more friends to read and respond to chat messages, and option to connect to them via Steam Chat. To connect to Steam Chat, you right click an online friend and choose the request option.
  3. Access to Steam Chat setup, which includes options for selecting Playback / Recording device which are separate to the Windows options.

At the moment it is a little convoluted to bring up the Friends list in VR with Steam, perhaps PE could improve this.

IIRC current method once in VR:

  1. Go to SteamVR menu
  2. Load Steam ‘regular’ menu or choose Desktop mode
  3. Then go to Friends list
  4. It is currently not possible to access the Friends’ list, read or reply to messages, or connect to Steam Chat while in a VR game, other than bringing up the SteamVR menu and putting the game on hold etc.

As mentioned I appreciate this last part 4 is considerably more complicated (keyboard capture etc), but perhaps not impossible if existing non-VR chat overlays can do it? It would be amazing if PE could provide an overlay with this feature in the future!

Thanks @Octofox for the well-described feature request.

I’ve added it to the backlog. However it might take a very very long time till I get to investigate and if possible begin working on it.

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Yes fair enough, not something I was expecting soon :+1: