Interested in EYE Tracking Will backers who took various plans get any discount?

For those backers who used one of the various plans on offer before, will they also get the eye tracking discount?


There were different discounts depending on whether you kept or traded in your eye tracking “discount”, giving up eye tracking completely led to an extra $50 off your upgrade. They have now said that people who opted out of stretch goals will have the option to buy the “backer bundle” for a low price, they will also be able to buy the eye tracking module for either $99 or $149 depending on whether they gave up the eye tracking discount to get the extra $50 off their upgrade.


$149 is too expensive.

Yeh. I might bite if offered at $99 inc. vat & shipping.

Currently I have a 5K+, so my target FPS is higher, I am less likely to bounce along the max FPS like the 8KX was at 75.

I have an 2080 and this could make it more practical to skip the 3000 series completely.
Plus 99 or even 149 is a lot cheaper than a new RTX30xx card.