Intermittent tracking with Indices Controllers

Currently using Pitool (because the latest version won’t install for me). My Indices Controllers track fine sometimes, then at some point they randomly start to lose tracking intermittently and frequently. It makes playing most games incredibly annoying.

I tried redoing Pimax Room Setup and then SteamVR Room Setup; it works fine for a while, then I lose tracking again.

If I use the regular Vive controllers, tracking is perfect 100% of the time.

I have no reflective surfaces at all in this room except for the computer screen, but I tried turning it off - nothing changes.

Does anyone has suggestions?

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its not so easy with IR reflections, its best to cover things like tv/monitor when testing to find the source of the problem
even the ground can be reflective in IR
if you have a vive you can try it too, keep everything the way it is but use vive instead of 5k+/8k

It’s not a reflection issue, it’s clearly a Knuckles issue - the regular Vive controllers work perfectly.

You might trying using a separate dongle tracking HMD Stops communicating with control when behind my back (Radio issue not lighthouse)

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