IR emitter and reflectors to hack in Oculus constelation tracking support

@Sean.Huang @anon23564932 @PimaxVR the Oculus constellation tracking system only needs visualization of three of its IR LEDs arranged in a specific pattern at any one time to maintain proper tracking.

So I believe if you could add IR reflectors to the outside of the pimax hmd, and have an IR light emitter on top of your computer monitor, you could trick the Oculus software and constellation cameras into thinking it’s looking at a native Oculus rift.

Then we would have touch controller support and constellation tracking on the 5K Plus and the 8K.

Message me, let me know what you think.


No way…
Constellation uses modulated pulses which are different on most of the IR leds so that they can be 100% certain which led they see right now.

Although not fully opened. Oculus opened up their tracking system for peripherals so it could be possible to hack something up to mimic.

That is why its important that it still works when all but 3 are occluded. All Pimax really needs is enough support to use positional tracking. It already has rotation nailed.

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