iRacing using Reshade? Suggestions Wanted

So i stumbled across the Reshade app and it seems to work in VR with the pimax 8kx although ive tried some settings, and it becomes SUPER colorful.

Can anyone suggest some good settings to use for reshade? Which options to check off or not?


I ve never heard of reshad
e …I ll have to try it out in iracing. Would love for colors to pop a little more.

I just looked it up…watched some videos…looks quite impressive.

Ye i was trying it on Laguna Seca and the moment you turn it on, the colors get CRAZY colorful - a bit too much to my liking in fact. But theres so many options there to get it looking perfect, that it confuses me.

If you find a nice setting that you settle with when you try it, let me know. But it 100% works in VR and with Pimax.

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I fantasy football draft tonight but will try tomorrow